HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hands-on comparison

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It’s HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hands-on comparison time at Btekt with the two feuding flagships pitting it out against one another. How do they stack up? Both packing similar specs, they actually manage to put forward very different strengths. HTC brings grrrr to the table in its Batmobile like HTC 10. Angular design is paired with Hi-Res audio support and dual speakers. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge features a waterproof chassis, AMOLED screen tech and a more elegant, glass/metal finish. Which is your winner?

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  1. —-this is a cry for help:

    I really dont know what to do… i need help, I have been using an old m7 for about 2 years now, awesome phone, it still works like a charm, but the batterie is kinda dying, and i dont blame it, i have used it a lot, i mean A LOT. So now im having troubble making my choise to the next phone, and im pretty sure im not the only 1 with this same problem, which phone to choose…

    I dont know if i should go for the m10, since i really liked the m7 im pretty sure ill be happy aswell with the 10, problem is that there are a few things i really liked about the s7edge, i dont like samsung and i dislike touchwiz, i love sense but s7 edge has water and dust resistant, it has that sexy curved screen that works as light notifications when facing down, the wireless charging its lovely, same as the dual sim function, the shortcuts thing is nice, the camera is a little better than the htc 10… Then if i think about it, the htc10 is more resistant to drops, i have never had a water resistant phone before and to be honest i really didnt need it so far, its more the times that i drop my phone than the times i could fuck up my phone with water (never so far), the htc10 finger print its better because you dont have to press the button to actually unlock the screen, talking about the screen the s7 screen is awesome, not that the htc10 has a bad screen but lets face it, samsungs screen rocks a lot, its just that i dont LIKE SAMSUNG, i love HTC, and i really dont think i would be dissapointed with the 10, but then again i would love to try the new features samsung has to offer…. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK TO DO, HELP!

  2. okay I see most of these post are premature. I actually just went and picked up the htc 10, I already have the s7 edge. I got them both home and the s7 edge is destroying this phone. The htc 10's camera won't even auto focus, the screen is very low compared to the s7 edge, it just does not match up against the s7 edge, it looks like I'll be paying a restocking fee, I'm taking it right back, and also it is getting extremely hot. I will no longer make a decision based on these reviews again. The htc 10 is not up to par sorry guys.

  3. Was a fan of HTC holding a htc one M8, but the 10 does not surprise me that much. Instead Samsung has been making gorgeous phones with amazing edge screen, so s7 edge for me:)

  4. to be honest i am an android dev so both phone are good choosing between this too depends on each person FEELINGS
    SO in my opinion
    htc 10 is a man tool

    and galaxy s7 is a kid toy

  5. for my country s7 edge comes with exynos which is far better in performance than gs7 edge (snapdragon) and htc 10 ….so s7 edge.. 🙂 3600 mah battery tooo…

  6. Correction – The S7 Edge has the Exynos processor (UK and Europe) and far more battery efficient than the Snapdragon. Easy mistake to make as the ordinary S7 has the snapdragon and the U.S. has the snapdragon in the S7 Edge.

  7. Although I like the size of the S7, I'm almost convinced by HTC but why does the HTC 10's display look washed out? Is it only because the S7's screen was brighter in the video?

  8. going to retire my m8… going with HTC 10 I only wish they would make a 5.5 or bigger … thats why better for my videos and mg games I hope they make a HTC 10 max… yea.. people that text alot need 2 hands so they don't like it… idk.. I love htc always and forever…

  9. I had a Samsung once. I got tired of having to keep replacing it because plastic kept breaking. it was slow after I added apps and never got signal. went back to HTC for strong signal all the time, durability, and doesn't slow down over time. HTC just works. and this Samsung water proof thing is overrated. I have had all 3 latest "m" HTC phones and all have been fully submerged while playing video and never had any problems.

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