HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos) – Speed Test Comparison Review!

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Speed test between the hTC vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (exynos version). A lot of viewers have been praising the HTC 10 of being the BEST Android device, will just have to see the speed test if it really lives up to its HYPE!

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46 Comments on HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos) – Speed Test Comparison Review!

  1. awesome video as always man s7 edge still go strong in performance and battery life. still can't belive it beat the 6 plus by over a hour. hope all is well. and hope you have had no more issues with the competition you was runny as I know you was having issues.

  2. Now there is a SENSE, in your video, and in a meanwhile i so ather your video, comparing camera in this two fones, and its nise, can say the best, no coment ve can se everything , so….bravo !!! Subscribed and will watch more videos.

  3. Dont know how you did it, but some thing are wrong in this video. Samsung have problems with reloading apps, and HTC 10 do it instantly, but on this video, its a diferent.., so something is wrong there, also you cut video and ve cant be shure in that whot you do. Especialy cas ve can find many other similar videos ..with completely diferent results.

  4. I dont know if you have tested it yet , but ive heard Samsung pay doesnt work on the International unlocked Exynos S7 edge do you have it on your S7 edge Exynos or been able to test it?

  5. the only thing about the S7 that has me leaning towards the htc 10 is the bootloader issue. i like to root and rom my devices, and samsung has been sucking at updates; also that US carriers sell the SD version of the S7 when the exynos one is way better

  6. no snap dragon on the s7 so yeh thats why s7e won it has a better processor(exynos) , they did the comparison with same processors and htc 10 won that one.
    still iPhone is the champ no matter which version of galaxy device or any android phone you have iPhone will always be more powerful??

  7. Just some suggestions
    1. Speedtest seems to be on different server. (HTC One is hosting Tech Futures Interactive Inc. and the S7E is hosted by Skyway West Business Internet Services). Maybe using the same server is more fair?
    2. For thermal throttling, maybe you can demonstrate by running Antutu, Geekbench and 3dmark again and again non stop for like 3-4 times and see which scores dropped the most.
    3. Power off I think it is not really fair cos something blank screen does not mean it is done switching off. Maybe doing a restart test is better.
    4. More multitasking test.

    Overall great speed test video. Not sure why so many dislike but should be from the HTC fans crying.

  8. For me, the HTC 10 still wins my heart for its more durable body, (not fully waterproof, too bad), and my favourite, since I am an audiophile, BETTER AUDIO REPRODUCTION,
    I wonder what happened to the HTC 10 Geekbench score.. Normally, even on thermal throttling, it will easily score over 4k on Multi Core

  9. When I saw the thumbnail for this video I was sitting here thinking that doing a benchmark with speed test app and running them at the same time on the same network isn't going to give you clear results as both devices would pull from the network and produce false information. However after watching this video you're not like other benchmarkers I've seen time and time again where they would run them at the same time with speed test I'm going to sub just because of that so I can see more great videos and better benchmarking videos.

  10. that is not HTC 10. it is HTC 10 lifestyle with SD 6xx chipset. we have already seen lot of reviews on HTC 10 and it was never this slow. it is understandable that you're in the market where Samsung bundles exynos, no wonder the same market initially got HTC 10 lifestyle.

  11. I get these videos and no doubt the Samsung is a good device, but this guy is terribly bias in favour of Samsung…. as you'll see from his responses to comments.

  12. thanh you very muthe my frind i will do like subsucrib and share the all your videos to my frinds and the web site you are osome my frind thank you again L B S and cotinu youre work ?

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