HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Test Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10 Detailed Camera Comparison.
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Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K/12 megapixel dual rear facing cameras, auto-focus and audio of the HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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22 Comments on HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Test Comparison

  1. Camera and battery are the two biggest things for me. I thought the S7 images looked better but many on here think the M10 is better. I read a review that the S7 battery is better but then another one says they are about the same and one said the S7 was a lot better. I watched a drop test video and the HTC did better but the S7 has Gorilla glass which I thought was the best??? I have always bought a case but would like to go without this time. Both phones didn't do all that well without a case. I have a Samsung wireless charger but if the M10 charges in about an hour, it doesn't really matter. I've had the M8 and the Galaxy S6. Both batteries were horrible. I'm so confused….!!! I always have 'buyers remorse' no matter which I go with but it seems like both are pretty similar. Decisions…decisions.

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