HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the HTC 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Check out video review of the HTC 10 at:
Check out video review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 at:
Check out video review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at:
Check out written review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge at:
Check out our HTC 10 written review:

27 Comments on HTC 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Comparison Smackdown

  1. I keep noticing this in reviews, and it really irks me. Why isn't the time/date in exactly the middle of the display when the S7 is in "sleep" mode? And can that be adjusted if it's not?

    (Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the only one who noticed that? Idk)

  2. Really torn on this, I want to go with the HTC 10 because of the DAC (I listen to music constantly), USB 3.0, and quick charge , but I love the way the S7 edge looks (along with features like a bigger AMOLED display, the edge itself, and the IP68 resistance)

  3. I've had the Galaxy S5, S6, and used the S7 for a week. The AMOLED display is just not enough to win me over anymore. I guess it's just me getting bored of the same old thing, but I think HTC wins here.

  4. so to get things straight, we have a waterproof dust proof phone, best display on any smartphone, phone supports wireless charging, always screen on, best camera on ANY SMART PHONE (thats why she didnt show any photos taken) multi-tasking, ect…… .
    face it people, HTC is good but does NOT COME EVEN CLOSE to samsung s7, just galaxy s6 would knock HTC 10 out. LISA just hates galaxy from waayyy back in all ur videos i always noticed. u just try to act like u r ok with samsung, CURVED SCREEEEEEEEEEN DAMMIT, TELL UR APPLE TO DO THAT.

  5. Galaxy S7 Edge Wins In:

    +IPS68 Water & Dust Resistant
    +Quad HD Super Amoled Edged Screen (Very Immersive)
    +Dual Pixel New Technology Camera – Very Fast in Auto Focus & Low Light
    +3,600mAh Battery last one day easily of heavy usage
    +Exynos8890 Better than SnapDragon 820 in Battery Performance.

    Phone of the Year no Doubt.

  6. HTC 10 is the better phone, however, I like the edge features of touch wiz on the s7 edge, but touch wiz is slow. This is from an iPhone user, so literally zero bias, just truth. Anyone who thinks otherwise either absolutely needs waterproofing, or has mad buyers remorse.

  7. After using devices with OLED screens…I can't go back to LCD, regardless of features or what new fangled modes they put on LCD drivers…they just look like shit….LCD is going the way of the 8 track.

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