HTC 10 vs One M9 – Speed Test! (4K)

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HTC 10 vs One M9 Speed Test comparison including apps opening, browsing, multitasking and boot up test comparison.

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35 Comments on HTC 10 vs One M9 – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. My HTC One M9 isnt laggy like the one in this video. Also the apps shown arent even updated to the latest versions. The HTC 10 for example is running a different version of Subway Surfers than the M9! And loading a youtube video on both phones at the same time…on the same wifi network? This is not relevant to the phone itself but more the wifi network that you are using.

  2. the htc 10 speakers are f'in garbage.My m8 is much,much better.Htc think thry were slick in saying these new speakers are boomsound when in fact that is far from the truth.i have the m10 and it just isn't loud even on the highest volume.I eish i could grt into the mind of the developers and understand why they would remove their usp

  3. who the fuck has 5 games on their daily list of apps… do a proper apps opening test with proper apps n not settings n clock u goof…. apps like fb, Twitter, g+, Snapchat, music, dictionary, camera, messaging etc

  4. between my family's phones I have done impromptu speed test with phones containing the last 3 top snapdragon processors and speed differences are negligible (except camera opening) on the same OS regardless of phone brand. ex my HTC one M8 and wife's S7: no REAL WORLD difference. nobody will feel one is fast and the other not even with back to back use.

  5. Ran my M8 (running stock Marshmallow on an unmodified Developer Edition phone) against the two phones in your video while it played and it beat both every time. With less RAM and a less powerful processor I can't explain why. Totally bizarre!

  6. You have the 10 on 21% battery and the its NFC is on. The two phone should have the same amount of battery and be turned off of unnecessary features. Anyhow I like to see speed test between 10 and M8

  7. I have HTC Desire EYE which was release October 2014 and yet is faster than both of these phones!! I did exactly the same app testing with the video at the same time and my phone won every single of the tests! that's is stupid!

  8. i watch three videos about the HTC 10 on your chanel, and in every single video the 10 battery percentage was bellow the opponent phone.. Do you have an issue with your travel charger? Lol.. And before compare the HTC 10 with any other phone please make sure that the Boost plus app is not running in back ground. This apps by trying to improve battery consomption make the phone a bit slower when playin' games. Last advice, is about the NFC and Network, disable them for both phone before starting your test.. ;)

  9. The YouTube video page doesn't refresh that commonly anyway. The main issue is with the page before it i.e the video list page, that refreshes quite often on my Galaxy S6 which I dislike. Does that refresh on the HTC 10 as well?

  10. In your next speed test video please try to start the test with both phones on 100% battery as some phones have difference in performance below a certain battery percentage. It will also show the battery usage on both phones. Keep up the good work! :)

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