HTC 10 vs One M9 – Review & Camera Test! (4K)

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HTC 10 vs HTC One m9. Should You Upgrade? Which i should you buy? Full Comparison!

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12 Comments on HTC 10 vs One M9 – Review & Camera Test! (4K)

  1. dude u need to go out of your house to make comparison videos and pictures. take shots of some good looking stuff or scenery rather than just the back of your house….

  2. As an m9 user I don't really feel like upgrading. The only reason I want to is because I am a fan of htc. Same thing I did last year with my m8 upgrading to m9, even though I know the m9 is a downgraded version I still bought it. Htc doesn't change their flagships that much every year. But now since they changed the front design into a galaxy look alike. I don't know if I would still continue buying htc, I don't like the new design.The design of the 10 seems to have lost a sense of originality of what past htc phones are known for

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