HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Nexus 6P Android N Developer Preview 3 Speed Test

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Speed Test! Which one of these phones will cycle through apps the quickest over two rounds?

HTC 10
Samsung Galaxy S7
Nexus 6P Android N Developer Preview 3

34 Comments on HTC 10 vs LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Nexus 6P Android N Developer Preview 3 Speed Test

  1. HTC it's stock Android experience it's quick fast SD 829 exynose it's not a good graphic processor of u playing gta San Andreas you can some graphics issue there SD 820 it's the best processor

  2. Dope.
    NEXUS 6p FTW ..(i just got mine love it) Even though i'm late af to the party i'm finally seeing the power of the 6p lol you convinced me to try it out.

  3. Great stuff, Jerome! I was surprised to see the htc on top. It does seem to struggle with heavier apps like games, though, which I think you will find out in the upcoming speed test. To me on the android side it is Kirin955 > exinos8890 > sd820. I am looking forward to this year's Nexus, and if it does not deliver in terms of camera/build/speed, I might jump on the p9.

  4. I really think htc has released their hail Mary pass wuthering the 10. I love my G5, but the 10 is so beastly in the bold department. It's sad that this phone won't get the attention of deserves in the eyes of on the fench ios users… But I digress. The 10 is a keanu Reeves in 90s cool, while Apple is more like modern day David spade boring…. I just saying.

  5. really really cool video… please make more of these… love commentary would be make it spicier… really enjoyed. . one question, have u received any OTA on the 10 as it's not been this fast in other speed tests?

  6. You know what, another off topic suggestion, I have a S6 and I have been searching for a S6 vs HTC 10 comparison video as I think I would like to upgrade to it rather than another bloated Samsung product. I cannot find any comparing the two. Any chance we could see a comparison on those two? I know they are about a year apart but I think folks upgrading from last generation phones may enjoy a comparison against last years flagship.

    Start rant. Puerto Rico is like the redheaded stepchild of the US! You guys get the HTC 10 on May 18th at T-mobile. We still do not have it. Grrrrr. There is some promotion that if you purchase the 10 between the 18th and 24th you get a Ice View case and a fast charger. Looks like we will miss out on those deals. End Rant.

    Thanks for the speed test!

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