HTC 10 vs LG G5 – Speed Test Comparison Review!

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Speed test review between the HTC 10 vs the LG G5. Both devices pretty much identical specs in the hood, so we will be more focusing on the optimization. Enjoy!

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34 Comments on HTC 10 vs LG G5 – Speed Test Comparison Review!

  1. In an earlier comment I ignorantly didn't realize what was going on regarding thermal throttling. Thanks to a gracious reply I better und stand what is going on here. Thank you L BS for your gracious reply and for the excellent video. Subscribed! Keep up the good work :)

  2. yep, I owned them both. the g5 is definitely faster and takes slightly better pictures. I stayed with the HTC 10 though because the DAC module isn't coming to the USA and sound quality is very important to me.

  3. almost all of these can be put down to the few milliseconds difference at which each are launched xD also running multiple marks based off of the internet isn't really useful as most of the time a router will prioritize one over the other

  4. Battery difference:
    G5 87% vs S7E 90%
    10 87% vs S7E 92%
    10 88% vs G5 94%
    How is it that the G5 is so much better vs the 10 than the S7 when it comes to the battery?

  5. Wow HTC 10 has been overhyped by Fanboys and fake reviews clearly it is the sowest flagship phone so far this year. The screen is nicer than LG though from this video. Man Fanboys were saying how it was better than s7 nope not even better than G5. Can't beleive how far HTC has fallen off to get beat by LG :(

  6. Kind of surprised by these results.
    On another note – I've notice the HTC 10 always ending up in the 80% battery range when the S7E and the G5 are still in the 90s. Any chance you Battery life test are coming sometime soon? Really curious where the HTC 10 ends up.

  7. Nice video. Do you think maybe you got a defective HTC? That got very hot, and all the numerous reviews I've seen don't complain of overheating. Then again, you did put the phones through a lot in a short amount of time that most people wouldn't (eg running benchmarks). As for the results, LG did well, although I think it's easy to conclude that the HTC is not up to par when I don't think that's the case. Games are really the main situations where the HTC really fell behind, most apps etc were just fractions of a second different. Can I suggest with your next video you keep track of how long the phones take to run through the whole test?

  8. It was always clear, from the benchmarks that either the HTC is running at a lower clock speed or the G5 is at a higher clock speed so no surprise that the G5 was faster. I think with the problems with the Snapdragon HTC are playing it safe, and bearing in mind the problems they had last year that is probably a wise call. As for the temperature rises, both increased by 30% so no difference there. The HTC runs warmer from the start but that is still an OK temp and the GPU would heat the HTC up and again nothing too high that would be a worry. Maybe the design of the LG helps with temp as it has air gaps where the battery is, and that is why it has issues with screen blooming. For normal tasks the HTC is very close to the G5 despite being under clocked, so for average users it will be fine. Clearly for more intensive use the G5 is the faster device and with heavy discounts due to poor launch sales it looks like it will be like the G4, where after three months it was near half price.

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