HTC 10 vs LG G5 – Speed, Camera & Battery Test!

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Speed, Camera and Battery test of New HTC 10 & LG G5!

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27 Comments on HTC 10 vs LG G5 – Speed, Camera & Battery Test!

  1. Thanks for that. I have been an HTC user but was stuck on a 24 month with M8 . Now it's finished I thought I'd just get the 10 but now am not so sure.. I like the look of the LG G5 but I know 2 people who think the G4 is better, altho it's bigger. What are your thoughts? My son has G4 but thinks I should stick to HTC cos I know the I'm really impressed with the camera on LG tho! How is the LG for sound- both speaker and headphones? Thanks so much for your video again

  2. this dude had been reviewing a lot of phones but he's not aware about the famous "100% battery bug" of LG. its been like that since LG G2 where it stays for 100% for a long time and once it drops to 99%, the battery percentage drops even faster. check xda threads about this stupid "100% awesome" battery for lg devices

  3. Hi there, was the battery on the LG G5 that good? I noticed in another of your LG G5 videos the battery went down a couple of percent when it was rebooted. Did the value jump down at a later point?

  4. You really tried to sympathize with the HTC 10. It is always like that when the G5 is doing well against another. They still try to sympathize with the other phone and give less emphasis on the efforts of the G5. If the S7 edge is doing well against another phone you hear more emphasis on it's performance. The truth is G5 is underrated while other phones are overrated.

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