HTC 10 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

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HTC 10 vs iPhone 6S Speed test comparison!
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21 Comments on HTC 10 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. What makes iPhone fast is that its operating system is so simple and boring, where as Android's operating system is much more detailed more options and features

  2. To think the 6s is a generation behind since it came out roughly with the HTC one M9 and it's still quicker and prettier then Android flagships, I can't imagine the beast of an iPhone 7.

  3. Don't you guys ever compare loading game to Iphone, if you have any knowledge about game resolution, the higher the resolution the lower fps and take longer to load, iphone has lower display than any phone on earth of course it loads game faster.

  4. No you don't even now what a speed test is first of all you are comparing to diffirent phones that have 2 deffirent functions and it's pretty obvious that the i phone will open up games faster cause the htc 10 and all android phones are a lot more costumizable and have million things that i phone doesent have and you only launched games and some time its like a 1 second diffrence i mean thats so relevant this was just i waste of time and all you iphone fans think about it a brand new iphone that comes just released is like 800$when i brand new android phone is no more than 600$a iphone is expensive for to reason i would go with the htc 10 for its costumizations and easier manegment one more thing that the htc 10 has a way better lasting battety than a iphon and its way more dorible when it comes to duribility you can litterly bend a iphone but htc 10 is impossible its much more durible and much mkre costumizble has a better storage and data usage and better apps

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