HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s Plus hands-on comparison

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It’s HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s Plus hands-on comparison time – Android vs iOS, or Good vs Evil – as some of you would say. HTC’s finest places a heavy focus on sound with Hi-Res audio support, stereo speakers and best-in-class audio recording in video, whether you’re snapping up Full HD or 4K footage. Can it stand up to Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 6s Plus? There’s 5.5 inches of phone here – its Apple A9 chip ensures this phone has top of the line specs, NFC support means you get Apple Pay and there’s 3D Touch as well. Which is the winner for you?

28 Comments on HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s Plus hands-on comparison

  1. the iPhone is plain and boring as its always been, no standout features, as could also be argued for the HTC as well.
    however, with apple if you like iOS guess what?! three screen sizes to choose from, same premium price tag, Android? thousands of options. not to mention the iPhone ripped off of the HTC M lines design.

  2. I won't ever understand why I should get an iPhone nowadays over any Android flag ship
    build quality leaning towards Android
    camera : check
    more features : check
    nice display : check
    price tag : absolutely check

    Android phones are better in every single aspect

    the only excuse for isheep fans maybe the iOS

    other wise they don't have any cell in their brain to choose an apple phone

  3. i am very much thankful to Apple for such a great product. iPhone. sometime i feel scared when i think about the world without iPhone and only android and windows. Thank you apple for such great combination of rock solid hardware and stable smooth and beautiful operation system.

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