HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s: Is Popularity A Better Buy?

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The debate between iPhones and Android phones has existed since their inception, but choosing between the best has never been more complicated.

It only takes a few visits to any public area to notice just how popular the iPhone is. Apple’s marketing power is iconic, and its results can be seen in the wide acceptance of most of its products. The story is a very different for HTC. The company is known for pioneering the first Android phone, and also for its design and innovation, but its meager marketing has left its products with little credit for it. Comparing these in sales figures alone would have the iPhone win by knock out, but not necessarily because it’s a better product.

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40 Comments on HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s: Is Popularity A Better Buy?

  1. Jaime do think that will be htc 11 since this device it's just test to see how the phone sales for htc I hear that the htc heats ups by playing games or navigation or the s7 will be better ???

  2. There is more than just paper. Apple does give something that lasts, and is resilient against all the problems that a phone involves. But poor countries like India does want prices down.

  3. Bueno sigo satisfecho con mi g3, sus 3 gb de ram y cuatro nucleos son mas que suficientes para mover cualquier app con fluidez… esperaré otro año haber si vale la pena actualizar el móvil

  4. Not a bad comparison, but given the price of the HTC 10 and the OIS capabilities, wouldn't a more fair comparison be between the HTC 10 and an iPhone 6S Plus? I realize the Plus has a larger display than the 10, but the 10 has a larger display than the 6S in the first place. Additionally, the 6S Plus has a much larger battery than the 6S and would likely fare better against the 10 in that regard.

    One thing I really love about the HTC 10 is its shape though. I have a iPhone 6 Plus and I find the width of the device + its flat back to make it hard to hold. The 10 isn't that much narrower, but its curved back fits in the hand much better.

  5. iphone 6s does not have any ip certification but is way more waterproof then a lot other phone even like the htc 10, cause it can survive even for like half an hour under water

  6. Watched the video which didn't follow the rules "keep it short" or "get to the point". Was there a conclusion other than Android phones are now very competitive with iPhones? Z-z-z-z-z-z. Please wake me up when he stops talking.

  7. I love my HTC 10, however I think the comparison is not fair given the 6s is a 2015 phone whereas the 10 is a 2016 phone. Wait until the iPhone 7 comes out for a more accurate comparison. I won't be giving up the 10 anytime soon though.

  8. Just to be clear, the HTC One 10 out look design was based from HTC One M7, which was much prior to current iPhone 6 lfirst debut. If there were any copying going on, it was iPhone copying HTC, not vice versa.

  9. I used to have the HTC one. Then Samsung S5, and note 4. Now I'm using 6s. There's something about the apple that makes the consumer loves it. I think I'll stick with the iPhone for a while. I am happy with it. ?

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