HTC 10 vs Huawei Nexus 6P hands-on comparison

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A hands-on vs comparison between the new HTC 10 and Huawei’s Nexus 6P, two big-screened phones with double the speaker power of most and some impressive specs under the hood. The HTC 10 is all about that audio with Hi-Res audio support not to mention Hi-Res headphones in the box. The Nexus however is all about that stock Android experience. We’re running Android N on ours, so showcase how it stacks up against the new more stock version of HTC’s Sense.

46 Comments on HTC 10 vs Huawei Nexus 6P hands-on comparison

  1. Son number 2 has a 6P. I think HTC has close to stock with a bit more polish. I like HTCs adoptive SD card storage app duplication reduction, sound, build quality – materials and ice case.

  2. Yeah! I am the owner of a m8 and was almost about to give up on HTC after that m9 but HTC has got me. only things missing is wireless charging, water proofing (it's splash resistant though) and the ir blaster. Not must haves but it would have put them above Sammy for right now I put them on par. Gonna get one great device.

  3. HTC 10 has everything that's needed in a smartphone and more. should be called HTC ultimate. there is no phone above HTC 10 in any department at the moment. I'm already in love with HTC 10 and can't wait to have it ???

  4. HTC have made a perfect device now i guess . There nothing so far that would make me feel that would have been better on HTC 10,looking forward to see the Camera quality and battery but they seems fine on paper!

  5. Wonder how the batterylife gonna be? there is a huge different between snapdragon 820 and the exynos in galaxy s7 , where the snapdragons has alot worse batterylife. if this phone gets around 6 hours sot and have a great Camera. Im buying directly! looks awesome!!

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