HTC 10 vs HTC One M9

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How much of an improvement is HTC’s latest flagship when compared to its predecessor? We find out, in this in-depth look at the HTC 10 vs HTC One M9!

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34 Comments on HTC 10 vs HTC One M9

  1. HTC one m9 has card viewit also has gorilla glass 4m9 also had a very good screen so it didn't go from being one of the worst lcd screens to a great one on the 10 it simply went from good to better.overall this video was biased but I still love the reviews

  2. Does the phone have a equalizer when i want to use spotify? I used to have the HTC One M7 and didn't and aggravated that i had to download a 3rd party EQ (i don't have phone yet but planning on it)

  3. But for some reason, HTC smokes crack when it comes to speakers and it made it worse on the HTC 10, they sound bleh or unless at the verizon store the display model gets abusively used is what makes them sound crappish.

  4. I have a M9, I don't use it anymore as my S6edge+ is my daily, but the only complaint I had with the M9 was the camera, at night mostly, but as far as the phone getting hot? I think my M9 is the coolest running phone I have, (G Flex 2, OnePlus One, M8, S6, S6 EDGE+, G3, 6P,), my M9 runs cooler than all of these.

  5. I am bit disappointed Krystal has no idea HTC M9 plus exists, it has fingerprint sensor and quad hd display. She said that with 10,HTC has finally moved to quad hd resolution which clearly represents my point. Don't get me wrong , I like her reviews but if making them is way of living then you should knew things like this.

  6. i like the black version of this phone. think I'm going to switch back to HTC and give Samsung phones a break. HTC knocked this one out of the park.

  7. The M9 was a great phone except for a crappy camera. Sound quality with headphones on the M9 (and the 10) is superb compared to all other phones on the marked. The front of the M9 looks superior and unmistakable – much more classy than the run of the mill, all black 10.

  8. Please Bring back Joshua Vergara ! I am sick and tired of this Lady speaking ! She is just too much boring ! SHe doesn't have that energy in her ! Let her run her own channel Krystal Key ! Please Joshua Come Back !

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