HTC 10 vs HTC One M9

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New versus old, successor meets predecessor, but which is better? Here’s our first quick look comparison between the HTC 10 and the HTC One M9.

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38 Comments on HTC 10 vs HTC One M9

  1. HTC sold plenty of M9s last year. hahaha this isn't a comeback for HTC it never really had any issues in the first place, other than the camera, and that was fixed with updates. The M9 was/is a solid phone, outstanding boomsound speakers, feels great in the hand, powerful snapdragon. so really, the M series has been great. These reviewers will basically trash a brand if the camera is so so… unbelievable.

  2. @android authority
    pleasee i need help..!!!!!!
    after upgrading my HTC ONE M9 to 6.0 i've notices many problems
    comparing with the lastest version of the lollipop
    1) battery life time ( worse )
    2) it take much longer to by fully charged
    3) the phone get heated
    4) and the biggest problem i've faced that the speakers became much much much lower nearly 1/4 from the 5.1.1

    can i downgrade safly ??
    or shoud i wait to the next update to fix the bugs ??
    or should i go for another solutions.. ??

    please help.. !!!

  3. personally.. the m9 looks better. Its performance has also gotten better with every software update.. if only HTC could have nailed the camera I'd have no complaints. They're asking way too much for the 10 in Canada where I live.. ? not sure if it's worth upgrading at this point.

  4. No front Faceing speakers on the HTC 10. Just wait till the HTC 11 when they bring back front facing speakers & everyone praises them for it. Like the S6 to the s7 with the SD card.

  5. About time HTC but i dont get the trend of camera lenses pretruding out of the design! Remember the Nokia N95 with a lens cover!! C'mon if im paying £600 for this phone

  6. the m9 also has front facing speakers, which is what it was mainly advertised for, I high doubt that the larger screen would be a factor if they would have kept that layout.

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