HTC 10 vs HTC One A9 hands-on comparison

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It’s HTC 10 vs HTC One A9 hands-on comparison time. Yup, HTC’s 2016 flagship vs HTC’s 2015 iPhone lookalike. There’s certainly no confusion with the 10 though – it’s angular design makes it different to anything we’ve seen before. Specs wise, the HTC 10 places a heavy focus on sound with Hi-Res audio support, stereo speakers and best-in-class audio recording in video, whether you’re snapping up Full HD or 4K footage. The One A9 wasn’t a bad effort though, with a Snapdragon 617, Android 6.0 and adoptable storage. Is it worth the upgrade?

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  1. guys this is my problem and I hope that you can help.

    I am upgrading my phone on May 27(or around there can remember exact date)so the 10 will be out by then. the only thing is, I think that the HTC one A9 looks better than the 10 however the 10's specs, even thought they are the same in some places, are better than the A9's

    so please help me pick a phone as my bro said the 10 but my friend said A9

  2. How does SLD5 compare to AMOLED? Personally I've always felt that a good LCD panel is just as good at everything other than black levels, but I'm interested in your thoughts on it!

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