HTC 10 vs Google Nexus 6P quick look

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It’s the pure Android phone that everyone loves pitted against the latest newcomer in Android. Here’s our quick look between the HTC 10 and Google Nexus 6P.

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36 Comments on HTC 10 vs Google Nexus 6P quick look

  1. Im curious how is the call quality in HTC 10. In my HTC M8 it is excellent and with those amazing speakers it is propably the best phone for "speaker" calling. So how is the sound quality for receiving sound and going sound?

  2. I have a HTC at the moment, I can't wait until I can upgrade in September and ditch HTC for the 6p.
    HTC was good until they started to update things for the worst and adding a lot of junk

  3. "It's original, and it doesn't look like anything else"
    It's not original whatsoever. It looks like everything else.

    It is exactly like every other flagship, that's why it's good. It's every other flagship's best features combined in to one phone. It's not innovative, it doesn't have to be. It's nothing new. It's good because it copies everything good about every other flagship, and scraps the drawbacks to those flagships, to make one solid phone with as minimal flaws as possible.

  4. should i buy nex 6p or wait for the next nexus? since it will based on htc 10, im afraid there will be no front stereo speaker and amoled screen…i kinda want the rumored 3d touch too..

  5. These 2 phone are the best Android devices hands down period…If u want a really good and snappy/buttery smooth experience u can either go for these 2 devices. Android all the way 😀 :D

  6. when I first heard this guy I hated him, but the more I listened him the more I began to like him ! idk what type of black magic is this but good job bro, great quick comparison :D

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