HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 vs Xperia Z5 Camera Review

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Ultimate camera comparison and full of Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Sony Xperia Z5 vs LG G5 vs HTC 10 with video, selfie, night/low light, and daylight shooting.

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  1. If it wasn't for the biggest aperture size and biggest pixel size, the Z5 is clearly the winner here. Sony just needs to make their hardware a little better (increase the pixel size, aperture, and add OIS if necessary) then it can be the world's camera phone of the year

  2. S7 slightly wins over the Z5 in low light, but hey, the Z5 is 7 months old and is still kicking some ass of the new ones. The Xperia X Performance would kill all other competitors this year

  3. 1. Z5 – better colour, amazing stabilization, and preety much good details
    2. LG G5 – most detailed shots, 2nd in stabilization, wide angle,selfie cam
    3. G7 – Tad better in low light
    4. M10 – Nothing :P

  4. Over you did a good job man, I think this is probably one of the more accurate videos I have watched compared to a lot of others. One dead give away on a bias comparison is when they favor a particular device or camera in EVERY setting, which is very unlikely that one phone can outperform all others in EVERY setting.

  5. I think the best camera goes to either the the S7 or HTC 10. I've seen videos where the G5 looks amazing and videos where it looks horrible. I take videos like this with a grain of salt due to the huge differences found among them. Overall they all have their strong and weak points, but I think HTC has done a great job as far as offering a great complete package, with Hi-res microphones for amazing audio in videos, video chatting, and hands free calling, as well as using OIS in both front and back cameras. The HTC's camera features some of the largest pixels of these phones, which would allow for brighter images. once you get used to the HTC camera and know how to use it, it can take amazing photos. The HTC 10 probably has one of the most customizable cameras and phones on the market, it can take RAW images, and you can create your own camera settings to be used in different settings. Due to RAW images and hi-res audio the HTC also allows for external storage to be adopted as internal storage allowing both external and internal storage to be as one, giving you plenty of room for those larger files. We do have to keep in mind that these other phones have been on the market for some time now, and have had time for issues to be fixed and recieve updates, while the HTC 10 isn't even in stores yet. According to Android central and DXOMARK the HTC 10 ranks just a bit better then the S7 but like I said it all comes down to preference, all phones have strong and weak points.

  6. I want to add that the selfies, are inaccurate considering the m10 and G5 both have beauty face set by default, turning it off would make the selfie images clearer and give them more definition. Even so I think the HTC 10 took the best low light selfie shot, the S7 washed your face out with white light.

  7. People do not know how to use the HTC cameras lol… in dark settings you want to tap the darker areas to brighten the image, it lighter settings you want to tap darker areas in the image to adjust the brightness and exposure to favor that particular setting. HTC camera has larger pixels so they have the cameras shutter speed set low, to prevent light washing the images out, but this can be adjusted simply by sliding your finger left to right on the image being taken, or by tapping darker or lighter areas to get the preferred lighting and focus.

  8. Every camera has strengths and weaknesses. As far as the most complete package (build quality, battery, specs, features, UI, etc..), HTC without a doubt. Great review! Thank you.

  9. this proves that no other phone can beat Sony in stabilization. Samsung is completely useless in stabilization. stunning stabilization and natural photos in z5 impressed me .

  10. lol a lot hater from fanboys, i have the s7 edge and the Z5 premium, i must say this review is accurate, i haven't try htc 10 and the G5 but in my own test using my two phones, Z5Premium trumps my s7 on color rendition very natural, my s7 edge is pleasant on the eye due to over saturation of colors tho, so bottomline you can't go wrong with any of this camera.

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