HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 video camera test – Best camera for vlogging?

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Smartphone cameras are getting BETTER and BETTER. Technology is so awesome. It is fun to compare smartphone video cameras Today I am taking two very high end android devices and testing the video footage. Which one will come out on top? The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? or the HTC 10? Each phone is a flagship. So this side by side comparison will be interesting to see.

I will also talk about the High Res Audio and the .mkv file format. Make sure that the High Res Audio is TURNED OFF If you want to edit your videos in Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro.

I start off by showing the 4k footage of each smart phone. I will list the resolution and the bitrate of each shot in the corner of the screen.

After seeing the 4k footage, Ill switch to 1080p, which is the normal definition for most computers and TV’s these days. As far as stabilizing goes, both phones will have OIS stabilizing. BUT the Samsung will have an additional layer of stabilization called EIS (Electronic Image…

21 Comments on HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 video camera test – Best camera for vlogging?

  1. to be honest the galaxy s6 beats both of them in camera wise it was the first of its kind to offer a 16 mega pixel camera and 4k video at 60fps also the first camera to offer UHD with high quality and high sharpness the s6 beat the s7 quality wise to camera and video and the HTC 10 is way worse than the galaxy s6 and the s7 and I'm so galaxy fan I quite frankly the iPhone user but I just got a galaxy s6 and I think it's better than the s7 and HTC 10 camera wise

  2. I really think that the samsung did better because of the image quality, but the front on the htc is better stabilized than the samsung, which doesnt mean that is better in quality. So i voted for the samsung

  3. regardless the front camera which i dont really like; the quality of voice+ quality of picture+ stabilization of video was really perfect. so deffenitly i choose s7 edge.

  4. Ah I want to like the HTC 10 better but I just can't. If I used the front facing camera often, I would prefer the HTC 10 because it still has a decent back camera but a much better front facing camera than the S7E. The saturation and contrast is still too good on the Galaxy.

    I did enjoy HTC 10s audio quality much more than the S7E. +JerryRigEverything did you have the high res audio turned off during the filming with the HTC 10? I don't recall you saying that you did in the video, just recommending it for people who want to edit the file easily. I assume you had it off. If so, the audio is still better imo than the S7E.

  5. The Galaxy S7 outputs beautiful video with punchy vibrant colours that are pleasing to look at… The HTC 10 was giving much more natural colours and the audio even though the S7 was louder the HTC was better with the right level… But i guess you are fine whatever the phone you get as long as you are getting the one you like.

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