HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 – Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10 Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test. Which has the fastest fingerprint scanner?
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27 Comments on HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 – Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test

  1. HTC 10 is way better and faster. I had HTC10 for one week and then I got S7edge, I have the S7 for 5weeks now but sometimes is frustrating with unlocking the phone.

  2. samsung good in tech.. but please learn to accept samsung is lagging android phone,when you use it after 4 month see what problems it brings to you.. dont be arrogant to support s7 just because you like samsung design or perhap the brand.. samsung win for brand but htc win for quality

  3. Htc 10 whoops the s7 edge in everything except for battery. Touch wiz removes the smoothness on the s7 and s7 edge. I used to have the s7 and it lagged wayyyy more than my old iPhone .5s. Never going back to Samsung. Unless they claim to remove entire touch wiz and out on stock android.

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