HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Test

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We do a speed test between the HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to see which phone is faster.

Both phones here are powered by the same Snapdragon 820 processor to go along with 4 GB of RAM, making this #phonebuffstyle speed test come down the software optimization on HTC Sense vs. TouchWiz.

Watch the HTC 10 vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test! –

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23 Comments on HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Test

  1. samsung had high tech.. but please.. samsung faster than htc 10 just for starting.. but when u open more and more apps and try to open again it lagging.. i samsung user before.. but now htc start with htc one m8 there no lagging for open more apps.. bye samsung.. olease try hard..

  2. This kind of test is the best. Benchmarks are only a numbers which can be faked due to marketing of a company that makes certain phone. Good job guys and keep going. Hope you will make more speed tests like this.

  3. Phone buff please Add battery percent to your comparison Parameters
    Something like Power / Performance

    Just Check Battery Percent !
    Htc 10 Waste Power !

    Htc 10 start at 89% end on 87%
    S7 Start at 94% end on 93%

    obvious for me
    winner is S7

  4. S7 loads content faster because it has an UFS 2.0 memory, versus the older (but still used in most of the flagships) eMMC5 memory. It has a 3 times wider max bandwidth and full duplex communication capabilities, it looks like it's an huge upgrade, however Android and other hardware limits don't allow the full use of its potential.
    S7 has better memory, but it can't beat HTC's software

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