HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Hands-on

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HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands-on comparison and first look!
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47 Comments on HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Hands-on

  1. Can't go wrong with either one although personally have the S7. Htc 10 has: Better audio, better front facing camera, adoptable storage, unlocked bootloader, UHoh protection, and lighter skin.
    Galaxy S7 has : Better rear facing camera, waterproof and dustproof, multi window, floating apps, Gear VR, Samsung Pay, better display, liquid cooling, and more accessories.

  2. not really wanna offend anyone but to the HTC 10 looks like a cheap chinese S7 knockoff. sure it is probably a great phone but i think it's a real shame they lost the unique HTC look with the front facing speakers.

  3. Why do a comparison video if you haven't spent enough time with one of the devices being compared?
    I'm just 2 mins in and twice already you've said you'll have to spend more time with the HTC to see how the feature you're comparing matches up.

  4. +SuperSaf TV Hi Saf, i want you upload this video.
    "5 reasons for not buy #HTC10"
    Please +1 this comment.
    s7 very-very better than htc 10
    1. s7's 12mp f1.7 better than htc10's 12 ultrapixel f1.8 camera
    2. 3600 mah on s7edge htc10 only have 3000mah version
    3. s7 have better design than htc10. (and + s7 have liquid cooling technology)
    4. s7 have ip68 water and dust resisdant, htc10 don't have yet.
    5. exynos 8890 better than snapdragon 820.
    "ok htc10 have usb type c" yes, s7 have old usb2.0, but s7 and s7edge better than htc10.
    Thank you for reading this!

  5. Any smartphone that incorporates waterproofing will (99% of the time) undergo sub-par audio quality, especially for its speakers. No one should mention waterproofing without referencing audio quality.

  6. SuperSaf, just a tip, have a lightish orange shade instead of the purple, that will look like a natural sunset look, its super sexy, and also is very relaxing and professional. Please take my suggestion man!

  7. Amazing how you answer almost everyone in the comment section , i always say to myself that even if i had 35M subscribers i will always try to respond as much as possible no matter how popular i am. It seems you are doing the same thing and i really appreciate it , thank you very much for everything , one of the best smartphones channels.

  8. Many I love that HTC, but I wish the screen was a bit bigger. 5.2" would've been excellent 3 years ago, but I'm used to my 5.7" Moto X already so 5.2 will be a big downgrade. Any word on a + version?

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