HTC 10 vs Apple iPhone 6s/Plus quick look

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Android’s latest newcomer gets pitted against the best from Apple’s camp. Here’s our quick look between the HTC 10 and the Apple iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

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44 Comments on HTC 10 vs Apple iPhone 6s/Plus quick look

  1. Yeh, definitely the HTC 10 is the better phone even just going by looks. It seems very slippery, but the iPhone is even more so with it's flat non-ergonomic design. Also, what's the point of a phone if you're gonna cover it up with a case?

  2. The HTC 10 starts at $699 for their base 32GB phone and the iPhone 6S starts at $649 for the 16GB version and $749 for the 6S Plus 16GB. So, the HTC isn't exactly "more expensive".

  3. Yeah… I can see right now JJ Abrams switching from his iPhone 6s to a lame Android copycat… Yep. BTW, when 90% of the market belongs to Google, it's not iPhone users who are the Sheep.:)

  4. HTC m9+ is better than both phones. U would have to purchase it unlocked and sent to you from another country though. Check the specs out its 2 years old and still better than the I phone 6 and 6+

  5. I feel like there is so much more thought put into the design of the HTC 10. The camera battle might lean towards the iPhone, but I feel like HTC 10 gives you so much more bang for your buck.

  6. Why is everyone comparing every new phone with the iPhone? I mean… come on. Is that meant to be some sort of benchmark or something? No one looking at an android phone gives a damn about the iPhone.

  7. I was expecting a some what bias comparison being that this is android authority (I mean it's right there in the name) but surprisingly I actually enjoyed watching this comparison it was fair and well constructed, thank you for the interesting video

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