HTC 10 vs Apple iPhone 6S – Camera Comparison

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A side-by-side camera comparison between the HTC 10 (12MP camera) and the Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus (12MP camera)!

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26 Comments on HTC 10 vs Apple iPhone 6S – Camera Comparison

  1. Hi Justin, I'm writing this to the channels I love, hoping someone can help or explain why that is:

    I'm very sensitive to frame drops or choppy video playback on mobile devices. I seem to get smooth playback only on iOS devices which is extremely annoying, since I want to sell my iPhone and get an Android flagship like the S7 edge as my daily driver.
    I'm NOT an apple fanboy, I love high end devices from many brands!

    Over the years I've owned several Android devices (Nexus 7, M7, Z3, Note 3, TabPro, Tab S, Mate 7, S6 etc. just to name a few) and literally NEVER got smooth Youtube playback on those. I'm absolutely sure it's the Youtube app itself and not the Android OS, since playback within the browser is smooth (but sadly no quality settings there).

    Most people I asked don't notice it, even if a frame drop happens like every 5 seconds. Especially noticeable when the camera pans slowly in a scene. Also pretty bad in 60 fps videos. It's not stuttering, again, but it's dropping a frame every few seconds. Tested several dsl speeds: 2k, 6k and 50k. It's definitely not due to low wifi speed. Try watching videos with lots of panning, like "timescapes" for example. The difference is beyond obvious (at least to me) if you compare it to the silky smooth playback on an iOS device or Windows phone.

    I want this to be fixed so bad.
    The web is full of it of you're looking for "android youtube choppy playback", so it's not just me. I just can't believe they didn't fix this over the years.

  2. HTC does produce somewhat softer images, but color reproduction is more accurate I think. IPhone over sharpens at times, but will probably produce the more vibrant or punchy photo most of the time.

  3. Easy win for the iPhone from my POV, and that is a big shock bearing in mind it is last year's model. Warm v cool is subjective and I much prefer a warmer tone, but that is down to opinion. In a few months we can do a 2016 comparison with the iPhone 7 coming out and I suspect the HTC will look disappointing then.

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