HTC 10 Unboxing & Top 5 Features: Best Android Smartphone of 2016 Contender

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HTC has announced its new flagship Android smartphone in the HTC 10. It’s HTC’s best Android smartphone to date, and I think could be the best Android phone of 2016. In this episode I bring you my HTC 10 unboxing, and give you a rundown of what I think are the top 5 features of the HTC 10.

I talk about the touch responsiveness of the display, the new BoomSound speaker features, the UltraPixel 2.0 camera, the lack of bloatware, and the fantastic unibody metal build quality.

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43 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing & Top 5 Features: Best Android Smartphone of 2016 Contender

  1. Thanks for the vid, have been watching so many as I am debating between the HTC 10 and the Galaxy S7… Have never had a HTC or Samsung phone and these both seem to be very good choices just debating which will ultimately be better for me and as nice as the S7 seems I keep wanting to lean toward the 10.

  2. we did wait long….but it came…i congratulate htc for improving this phone on all the right places inspite all problems in htc and low resources. Just don't destroy it with high price….one killed A9 is enough. And remeber us in Europe….Balkan…just price it well and it's a bingo.

  3. I've been an HTC device user for the past seven years, the UI is second to none the Thunderbolt, DNA, and now M8, but I think this time around the Samsung Note 6 will be my next device. I really want IP68 rating, larger screen. So I may give up great sound, and the best UI other than Google stock, i'll have to wait until August or Sept., but it would be worth it. I don't like phone cases, even clear cases take away the look of the phone and I do like the look of the "10".

  4. What's is up with that funky circle icons? Are those stock? I wished they just stock with the standard Marshmallow icons – or better yet stuck with full stock Marshmallow and just add their OEM features here and there.

  5. Can you activate the hidden System UI Tuner by pressing and holding on the gear icon on the notification tray to customize quick toggles just like with Nexus devices? Or it's disabled? Please tell me it can be activated.

  6. a refreshingly honest review. we've all seen the reviews of phones where some guy drones on about eronious stat's that we really don't care about, but got the real details I think. It responds quickly to touch, it sounds Great, it looks good, cameras are Really good

  7. very honest and unbiased review. I know HTC is the most reliable phone out there and this one seems like its the best in every departments and I'm surely gonna get this. keep the great work.

  8. I completely agree with you on the touch sensitivity iOS vs Android… I recently tested the Samsung Galaxy S7 for about 3 weeks and I experienced some touch insensitive and too sensitive moments with that device… looking forward to test the HTC 10 and see how it compares to the S7.

  9. HTC claims that the screen is the most responsive screen on market. You do include it as a top feature; so you would say it is more responsive than most other screens? How would you compare it to the latest iPhone & Samsung phones? Great video!

  10. Thanks for being truthful about HTC because in my heart samsung is way overrated! I'm giving up my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge soon as HTC come to sprint because this phone is just plastic glass and very buggy plus that theme store is a big joke. I got the S6 Edge because I way not happy that HTC didn't put the fingerprint scanner on last years phone and I got so upset I replaced my M8 for the S6 and I regretted it for a whole year.

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