HTC 10 Unboxing, Setup & First Look! (4K)

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HTC 10 Unboxing, Setup & First Look! Stay tuned for full review bros.

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44 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing, Setup & First Look! (4K)

  1. Display is actually 5.15'' and not 5.2'', which is too small for me. I think HTC should have a released a 5.5'' option as well.
    Phone look great and Hi-Fi sound is definitely a plus but the pros end here.

    HTC 10 uses a slower NAND for its internal memory which results in really slow random/sequential reads, even slower than my G3 which crawls in comparison to my G5. This will result is slower app launch time and will bog down the performance of the phone overall. To counter the performance issue and to make HTC 10 look faster, HTC have cleverly sped up the animations of the phone so it gives the illusion of phone flying through apps but in reality its just trying to make us customers look like a fool.

    Display is way too saturated and washed out upto the point where red look pink and blue are turned into purple. There is a setting where you can mess with the display properties but that doesnt really help.

    Camera is mediocre at best. Dont trust me ? go have a look at numerous comparison videos out there.

    Dont get me wrong, i really wanted HTC 10 to be a huge success and will definitely check it out and compare it to my G5 when its out but so far I am disappointing by HTC offering this year.

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