HTC 10 Unboxing and Impressions

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Here’s a look at the latest flagship from HTC! The 10 looks to be a great phone on paper, here are my thoughts.
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47 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing and Impressions

  1. +Tim Schofield Maybe because you based in the states that you didn't get earphones because I watched Adrianisens unboxing (based in Europe) and he got earphones with his.

  2. When it comes to "what phone should I get next?" I always go to your unboxing and full reviews. I have always achieved s-off and root for all my devices following your videos. Will you be doing a root/unlock video for the HTC 10? And Thank You for making my life easier when it comes to smart phones

  3. I think the whole speaker thing is so overhyped. Pure marketing genius by HTC since the m7 because honestly not many people will listen to music or watch a movie using those speakers or any speakers at that.

  4. Keep in mind, when you turn on that high res audio, it changes your video format from .mp4 to .mkv… which most editors (Adobe Premier, and final cut pro) wont accept. So leave it off if you plan on editing your footage later.

  5. i absolutely love me front facing speakers on n6. i will definitely consider a phone with dual front over one that does not. compared with my wife's lg g4… it's annoying to try and watch videos on her phone

  6. Boring, still catching up to Samsung , next year Samsung will be making their foldables, and of the other phones will be able touch them. Waiting for the Note 6 other wise would have gotten the S7

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