HTC 10 Unboxing and First Impressions (Sprint)

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HTC 10 Unboxing and First Impressions
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45 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing and First Impressions (Sprint)

  1. looking forward to you reviewing the new king of smartphones the zte axon 7, the phone the HTC 10 should have been – and the g5. and s7. and iPhone 7. in fact just admit it's the greatest smartphone ever for half the price of the contenders ..

  2. Galaxy S7 Edge Wins In:

    +IPS68 Water & Dust Resistant
    +Quad HD Super Amoled Edged Screen (Very Immersive)
    +Dual Pixel New Technology Camera – Very Fast in Auto Focus & Low Light
    +3,600mAh Battery last one day easily of heavy usage
    +Exynos8890 Better than SnapDragon 820 in Battery Performance.

    Phone of the Year no Doubt.

  3. This was gonna replace my 2 year old HTC One M8, but losing dual front speakers, I went for the Hawaii Nexus 6P, which i'm still feeling after 2 months. Loving the Instragram funnies Floss, i steal that shit every day for Facebook.

  4. @FlossyCarter In your review let us know about the adoptable storage. Amazon has a 128Gb or 200GB micro sd cards real cheap right now. What good is a high end device if you run out of memory.

    for those that don't get it, you can't move every app or some files to an Sd card . With adoptable storage only on the HTC 10 right now you make your SD card part of the internal memory. I don't take my cards our so this is a feature I want to know more about before my HTC 10 arrives from Sprint.

  5. It may be the first time to hear that someone doesn't like that solid piece of Aluminum in comparison to other flagships !! But it's opinions anyway
    Good video as always ?

  6. Hahaha, best reviewer ever! No bullshit info, just some real life impressions and a few sluts! Hahaha! And the unboxing knife (sword) is awesome! Tip, try a chainsaw next time! Greetings from the Netherlands

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