HTC 10 Unboxing!

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This is unboxing of HTC 10, the unlocked version.

For close-up photos of HTC 10, go here:

Also see HTC 10 cases here:

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And learn how to root HTC 10 here:

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36 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing!

  1. Just got it yesterday, absolutely LOVE it! Also, about the waterproofing.. Yes, it would of been a GREAT feature to have. But, honestly, I'd rather have the ability to be dropped numerous time and still work than work after spilling champagne on it. I've watched a drop test between the HTC10 and the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy broke after only a couple drops while the 10 took over 20 drops!!

  2. I do miss my android phone!. I went and checked that phone out its not bad, it's got that haptic feedback you don't get on an iPhone, it's a lot of things you can do on an Android phone that you can't do on the iPhone, I have the iPhone 6s Plus, but the things I do like about the iPhone is everything connects to it very easily and flawlessly, you don't have to wait forever for updates, and absolutely no lag! Now all IOS needs is real split screen multitasking and I'm in business

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