HTC 10 Unboxing!

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The HTC 10 is here! Check out our Unboxing of the new HTC 10. Review is coming very soon so make sure to leave us requests below in the comments.
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26 Comments on HTC 10 Unboxing!

  1. Galaxy S7 Edge Wins In:

    +IPS68 Water & Dust Resistant
    +Quad HD Super Amoled Edged Screen (Very Immersive)
    +Dual Pixel New Technology Camera – Very Fast in Auto Focus & Low Light
    +3,600mAh Battery last one day easily of heavy usage
    +Exynos8890 Better than SnapDragon 820 in Battery Performance.

    Phone of the Year no Doubt.

  2. I've had my HTC 10 now for a little over 5 days and its not that all impressive to me. I've patiently waited to upgrade from my M7 and suddenly I'm bored with this phone. For the first time I'm thinking about moving over to Samsung and trying out there S7 Edge.

  3. If this phone is using the same type of hdmi cable my sony phone is using, I might jump ship to a HTC phone when my phone is up for an upgrade, if not I'll stick with Sony phone for my next upgrade. Changing a new phone brand can be such a hassle as you have to change a lot of things too etc.

  4. Just about everything is off center WTF! I mean, why make a phone that looks beautiful from a meter away and then once you hold it in your hand, you realise it looks like a badly made prototype, I am sure they could at the very least align the home button! the charging port also looks ridiculous… HTC is the only android brand I really like, a part from One Plus, I feel like they just stand out and then they make all of these mistakes…

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