HTC 10 Top 5 Features! | Hands on First Impressions

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HTC 10 Hands on – In this video we take a brief look at HTC’s latest Flagship Smartphone of 2016, The HTC 10 or M10. This is my Hands on first impressions review with the phone as we take a look at the design, it’s Top 5 features, and some of the features that make Smartphone history. Watch the video to Learn more!

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16 Comments on HTC 10 Top 5 Features! | Hands on First Impressions

  1. Hey! Here's an idea I would love to see in one of your future videos:
    -Tech for your living room: One video that has awesome ideas like
    *Devices like Chromecast and such
    *Speaker recommendations either by sound definition or swagg for the living room.
    *Cool charging devices
    *Wifi repeaters
    *Any other thing out there that you like or have around home

    I mean it could be a series or something. Things alike that incorporate the latest affordable tech available for modern homeowners. Some of this things you have videos already wich is great, like the shower speaker XD.
    Anyway i look forward to more videos.
    Shout out from Panamá!

  2. Awesome review as always. Just an idea, but when you review phones you should do some type of stress test to actually show how good the hardware/software performs. Something that the average person would run into.

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