HTC 10 – The Comeback Kid?

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HTC has been struggling to put out a great all-around phone. The HTC One M8, M9, and A9 all had fantastic features, but were held back from true success by a few wonky features. So has HTC finally released a fantastic all-around phone with the HTC 10? Investigator Jack investigates.

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Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock

31 Comments on HTC 10 – The Comeback Kid?

  1. I have to admit… I can't wait for the review on the Asus ZenFone 3 series. Asus seems to have lost interest with the Atom and they are switching to the Snapdragon.

    Just call me crazy but I think the ZenFone 3 is what a M10 should have been. :o

  2. Had the HTC 10 pre-ordered from their site for the unlocked one. Saw a wicked deal for the Samsung S7's at the Samsung Experience store. Decided to get the S7 Edge. Really liked it at first. Then I started noticing I was having troubles with some apps. My Facebook wasn't refreshing the feed and Spotify wouldn't load some songs. I still had my previous phone so I tried using the apps on it and they loaded just fine. I kept having the same problem with the S7, so after a week I returned it for a full refund. Once the money was back on my card, I put in another order for the HTC 10. Been using it for about 3 weeks now and I love it. The battery lasts me my whole work day, the display is crisp but not as crisp as the S7 Edge, the speakers sound good, and I love that the new HTC Sense is almost like stock Android. I do miss the FM tuner though since I actually used it. Now I'm stuck using an internet radio app and killing my data limit (I don't have unlimited data) when my Wi-Fi is garbage at work

  3. Hoping their Nexus Phone is better but I'm done with HTC. I have a Nexus 6 and have almost zero issues plus I love the 5.9 inch size. Its awesome for Media for that size I don't like 5.2 inches anymore. Its funny that I switch to an Android to a HTC phone called the Inspire from an iPhone 3gs back in 2011.

  4. Of all the Android partners, HTC was always the one with the most potential IMO. Unfortunately, they never really leveraged that potential. There were always some small issues with an otherwise perfect phone and even after so many iterations, there's still always something missing. Like how they finally improved the skin and camera with the One M9, but then they removed the front facing stereo speaker setup which was so good!

  5. This review is wrong, you completely ignored the build-in 24bit DAC on the phone which blows away the competition when it comes to sound quality over headphones. If you listen to music on your phone, this is the main reason to get it.

    You also ignored the closer to stock android interface, which is cleaner and much nicer than any other android in the market.

  6. Hmm this phone would be great if it had the following:

    Stereo Front facing speakers,
    Rear Finger print Sensor
    Amoled Screen
    And a removable battery!

    Kinda like what ZTE came up with the Axon 7 sans the removable back cover.

  7. Wait, how much time does it take for reaching 15%???

    My phone can get it in 1second to 3minutes.

    Yes, it is glitched, but it really has that amount of battery when I unplug it.

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