HTC 10 Spigen Neo Hybrid #YoutubeFirst #BGTechLife

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I just received one of my favorite cases Spigen Neo Hybrid for my favorite device right now #HTC10. Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!!!

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14 Comments on HTC 10 Spigen Neo Hybrid #YoutubeFirst #BGTechLife

  1. They seem to have changed the case already, mine didn't come with the cut outs on the top, only the center cut out for the headphone jack, the signal/reception seems to be the same so I guess that wasn't their motive, maybe they messed up and thought the HTC 10 was supposed to have an IR Blaster? wrong paper work they received or something?

  2. I have the Neo Hybrid Crystal, its nice!, you can still see the back of the phone, the only annoying thing is using the flash/flashlight will light up the front of the phone because the screen lip is clear.
    I sort of want this case too, I don't know why lol it sort of reminds be of a Moto X Pure Edition with no case, thanks for the review

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