HTC 10 speaker comparison vs One M9

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We compare the HTC 10 dual-speaker set-up with the HTC One M9’s more traditional stereo speakers. HTC has been the smartphone stereo speaker goldenchild since the original One M7 landed back in 2013 but how does the third HTC BoomSound packing flagship stack up against the fourth? Check out our side-by-side vs comparison to find out and here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

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39 Comments on HTC 10 speaker comparison vs One M9

  1. Seriously? No stereo, front facing speakers from the 10? Disappointed. Stereo will always sound better than mono & they the M8 & M9 had the best speakers on the market. And who listens to music & watches music in portrait mode anyway? You should have tested them in landscape mode. The 10 will not sound as good in this case as its mono & doesn't have stereo, front facing speakers. Love HTC but not happy with this change/step backwards. Their front facing, stereo speakers were a huge selling point & I hope they go back to it for their next phone. I'll stick with my M8 for now.

  2. Hi! Great comparison, thanks!. I got a question! The htc 10 speakers are obviously much better than the S7's, but is the difference so obvious plugged in through earphones? thanks!

  3. I've been a HTC fan since the Desire was out to compete with I Phones,.. HTC one S, HTC m8… and now I would like to upgrade soon to the HTC 10, but I was horrified when I seen they removed the front facing speakers, as i'm a big fan of sound quality from the speakers and front facing was just common sense and the right choice and place to put them, i'll be testing the audio in person, but watching this video you've gave me some hope, I really like the look of the Samsung S7 for the first time in 7 years or so i'm considering something other than HTC, I need a hands on with the phones, any advice?

  4. The M9 sounds more nicer, more balanced with the lows but the tinniness is off-putting compared to the 10. Especially with the classical music, you hear a metallic kinda sound. 10 wins for me. I'd like to hear some rock tested too haha there's a lot of instrument sounds in rock that need to come out right

  5. This test is likely a a very low probability actual scenario. I doubt many HTC users put their device flat on a table to look and listen to it. So your test is flawed. The sound coming out of the HTC 10's bottom speaker will have its sound waves bounce off the face of the table. So the volume test is flawed. You need to build an arm that can grab the device and that holds it up in the air in a more realistic position. Build two of them, and place the HTC 10 to the right of the M9, with some reasonable space between them, then redo all of the tests. Put your head in front of the device at different distances from the device and compare sound quality – specifically the stereophonic effect as well. That would be the test of tests – measure stereo separation and related quality, volume, and overall fullness of sound presentation. If you want to do a real great test, have a rating system out of 10 for the different categories, and use 5 different blind test subjects, and ask them to rate the right or left device for each sound category. Then average the ratings, and you will better prove which device has better sound. Until your do this, your test here is subjective and flawed.

  6. I think the m10 should be on landscape since the speakers produce different sounds. We can hear better how it does the job of being a sole front speaker.

    For me, the sound is pretty subjective. Dual front speakers are like pre-mixed drink while the 10 is like 2 liquids getting mixed together in front of you. Some preferred the one over the other while some doesn't see any difference or maybe not a huge one.

  7. A quick word to Samsung fan boys the S7 is nice but the speaker is weak like a dead man's handshake, one you go htc unless your stupid you don't get another phone, the overall experience on a htc is better, the audio on my HTC M8 is in a completely different league to most any other smart phone, games and videos sound amazing and unlike the S7 you don't have to cramp up your hand cupping the speaker so you can catch 75% of what's being said…. Lol

  8. +Btekt the HTC 10 bottom "Sub-woofer" is facing your microphone while the HTC One M9 speakers are facing upwards. I would suggest changing the position of the phones. Or just doing a couple of test holding the phone in hand like a real life situation. Your compassion just brought more questions then answers. You should re-do this comparison one more time.

  9. Dear Mr, your comparison here is pretty much pointless as well as any comparison you're doing between this HTC 10 and any other device build with dual front STEREO speakers. If you want compares sound enhancements you'll have to do it correctly. The sound coming out of a HTC 10 is meant to be heard with the device standing vertically 'cause is obviously how the sound delivers his full potential combination, while in devices such as the M7, M8, M9 or Motorola X Style/Pure sound delivers full potential when you're handling those devices standing horizontally 'cause they all have 2 speakers delivering both tweets and basses on each side. That being said, no matter how good is the sound quality coming out from the HTC 10 is still a MONO sound and with all do respect the best mono sound will NEVER match the worst STEREO sound. Besides, the device you're using for those comparisons only register sound intensity not in any case sound quality. I was initially interested in buying an HTC 10 but as far as I am concern I am truly convince that HTC could have achieved perfection by keeping the excellent design of the HTC X9 which do possess dual front stereo speakers alongside the specs and nice back design they created for the HTC 10. HTC does have a serious lack of vision and management perspectives on the near future in my opinion! Greetings…

  10. you should try the HTC one m8 because the vocals are a lot more cleaner that the HTC one m9. HTC one m9 has Dolby audio and the HTC one m8 has boom sound. phone companies always sacrifice a function that's works just fine for some new feature. don't trouble trouble and move on. when would the Eva listen to the public to get something right.

  11. M9's speaker still sounds great and a little crispier than the one on the 10. However, it's just that the 10's speak provides more details for the instrument in classical music and the vocal sounds refine and true to life.

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