HTC 10 speaker comparison vs Nexus 6P

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We compare the HTC 10 dual-speaker set-up with the Huawei Nexus 6P’s stereo speakers. Huawei knocked it out of the park in terms of volume when we compared the 6P against the competition before, but how does its first Nexus phone fare against the original BoomSound manufacturers, HTC? Check out our side-by-side vs comparison to find out and here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

Gina’s Friday update to win a P9:
Dregas’ Soundcloud page:

22 Comments on HTC 10 speaker comparison vs Nexus 6P

  1. who gives a flying fk about speakers on phones….seriously how many people listen to their phones' 'speakers', lol….its' all thru iems and cans…so why not compare those more intrisically important elements, ie dac and amp…and the htc has a separate dac/amp that isn't tied into the qualcomm 820

  2. I miss The Front Speakrs, But When It All Comes Down I'm Sure, I Will Just Deal With It. Cuz I Know I Am A Huge Music Fan, Htc Has The Best Quality Of Sound. But Its Not The Loudest, But My BIG BLUE PARTY SPEAKER, by BROOKSTONE,Will Make Up For It.

  3. wich one should i choose nexus 6p of htc 10 ? im an htc addict but 1 i dont like the frontdesign looks like samsung , they lost a front facing speaker , finger print scanner should be on the back,

  4. I have a Nexus 6. I went into the Google play Movies app and then into settings and enabled surround sound. It works with all my apps, Pandora, Play Music, YouTube Music Etc… Enabling surround works universally with all my apps. It makes an amazing difference. You should see if it is possible with the 6p and run the test again for comparison. I love the media experience on my N6.

  5. 6p distorts at max volume. I like running at 2 notches below max for best quality. It's still fairly loud at this volume. In order to compare sound quality, you should have ran both at the same volume.

  6. HTC sounded way better. Nexus is overall a cheap LG. Would be great to see HTC10 vs BlackBerry Passport SE. Heard a Passport the other day and was surprised how clear and powerful audio! Thanks ps your review is quality!

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