HTC 10 Sense UI Feature Focus

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We take a closer look at the software experience available in HTC’s latest flagship smartphone – the HTC 10 – in this feature focus on the HTC Sense UI!

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37 Comments on HTC 10 Sense UI Feature Focus

  1. Oh god this is really close to stock Oo. I will buy the one m8, partially because of Sense as it seemed so good but this is kind of too stripped down for me i think. Sense 6.0 had more différences to stock than this one… I loved the improvments made to the notification panel on KitKat, and I rellay love the AOSP notification panel since lollipop but Sense was à selling point for me on the one m8 but not on this one anymore. I don't really understands what they added. Better sound quality because hardware and software communication is improved and addition of boomsound. Then Blinkfeed(almost same thing as my magazine but BF is better), and the shortcuts to unlock the device. Is that all? Then let's go with Motorola no? Just my two cents on how I see the software"improvements"

  2. wow they really got it right this time, maybe this was their plan all along – bring out mediocre phones and then surprise us with a BANG! We bought 2.

  3. They've gutted the interface and replaced it with CRAPPY GOOGLE APPS. Photos is laughably bad compared to HTC's old gallery or most GP Store galleries. Play Music is literally useless unless you're in the US. Chrome is an absolute resource hog. And don't get me started on Boost+. Not Cool, HTC.

  4. The biggest thing i hate in stock android is the persistent search bar—no i dont want to install another launcher to remove that big ad bar…….and HTC's sense is actually cleaner than stock, and you can arrange the apps in folders, change the grid size and most importantly, HTC hasnt iphone-ified the UI like Xiaomi, gionee, et al have done—Xiaomi has probably the worst UI ever

  5. stop referring to same old thing, less bloatware, less duplicate apps… there's no difference because of that… do your property research if u can before u make senseless videos

    you never talked about how htc abandoned their recent apps menu, neither was anything related to their folders was discussed… no performance related discussion either like multi tasking etc

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