HTC 10 second impressions

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Second impressions of the HTC 10.

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  1. Not to knock the guy, but this is filmed on an iPhone and he is wearing an Apple watch. He does't want to use android and is of the firm opinion: If Apple gives it to me I'm happy.
    You find this when he says the keyboard sucks. You could get a new one, but you shouldn't have to.
    Android is about customization. Don't let the company you bought it from spoon feed you your opinions.
    I have the HTC 10 and now am rocking Google Now Launcher (synced my layout from my last phone) and Google Keyboard and a dozen other improvements, because it is MINE.

  2. I think you're seeing the laser autofocus blocked message because you're holding it too close to the table/counter. It's too close to focus so it assumes the autofocus is blocked

  3. Beautiful device. I think I'm pretty darn nitpicky if I say that that homebutton is a big negative point to me. I like my homebutton to be tactile, feels premiumererer to me. And helps with accidental presses. Just a personal thing.

  4. I see that you are practising talking with your hands. some advice would be to eliminate fast herky jerky movements. slow, concise and meticulous gestures convey authority!

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