HTC 10 Screen Replacement Teardown Disassembly (4k)

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42 Comments on HTC 10 Screen Replacement Teardown Disassembly (4k)

  1. This reminds me of when I tried to disassemble my HTC Touch Pro 2. It was a giant mess of cables and wires and screws with TONS of tape, and that's a 6 year old phone. Surprised these phones are still made the same way.

    Edit: Can any of these steps be skipped just to get to the battery? You'd figure that would be one of the main things a user would want to get to in case they start having problems with it…

  2. Great disassembly video I am a huge HTC phone fanatic and have not baught a new one since I picked up the HTC One Max. I never knew how difficult they are to repair however. very informative will watch more of these XD

  3. Пора просто тупо в корпус кидать батарейку плату и всё заливать смолой. И париться не надо с такими извратами что куда крепить клеить и т.п. Всё-равно поменять батарейку в это смарте несусветный геморрой.

  4. can you believe my glass shattered on my htc 10 I wana replace it myslef… but for 1… I can't find that part nowhere… I even called major cell phone repair shops and they said its to early to get parts…. so I guess I'll just use the insurance to get a new phone ..but as soon as parts are available…. I'm taking mines apart…. shouldn't be to bad since its just the glass broken…. and its not one whole piece screen, glass and digitizer… I just wish I could find the glass right now…..

  5. The plastic strip on the top of the phone is probably to protect the phone from being damaged by headphone plugs when people carelessly try to connect their headphones. Just a thought.

  6. whyyyyyyy they make it so difficult to replace a component so valid such as battery, it's like removing everything from a car just to replace tires.. Urgggghh

  7. All HTC One flagships has a curve back, they start design all the logic board and stuffs 'around' the battery to fit everything perfectly. I believe most smartphone just have the battery at the back.

  8. The internal of every HTC flagship from the M7 look disgusting, maybe their engineers need to learn a few lessons from Samsung on how to design motherboards. And also consider getting rid of those shitty slide in connectors and replace them with the clip on ones.

  9. Poor engineering? I'd say they're pretty darn well engineered. Every component separates out, so you can replace your charging port or your headphone jack etc individually instead of soldering and desoldering each time

  10. Honestly, this is a mess. 99% of customers will never take their phone apart, but paying so much for this phone and getting this horrible engineering just isn't nice. Better engineering could lead to a bigger battery, CPU cooling and even waterproofing.

  11. Why speak on things you know nothing about :/
    Its not a "2002" rear camera, its the same camera found in the S6,Note 5 and S7. What part of that is 2002? Samsung s5k4e6 to be exact.

  12. Looks like they made it extremely hard to get into, and it's not even IP68 waterproof. I don't see the point. To me this looks like bad engineering. It looks like a brilliant phone but HTC can take a page or two from LG about producing easy to fix phones.

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