HTC 10 Review:Should you buy it in India?

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The HTC 10 is an upgrade of its older sibling HTC One M9 and hence it is bound to give much more powerful performance. It impresses with its slim and sleek design and fits the bill for heavy users who spend most of the times in gaming and also the camera lovers. The only weakness lies in its average battery life, keeping this aside, it is a phone worth buying.

Here is our review of HTC 10

HTC 10 Price in India is Rs. 52,460

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3 Comments on HTC 10 Review:Should you buy it in India?

  1. stupid !!! there is not a single speaker its a tweeter vfer setup ,,,,, and about the camera i hate u describe the camera bland compared to punchy S7 camera which is miles from tue looking pictures aneway ur veiw ur video enjoy !!!!!!!

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