HTC 10 Review!

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HTC 10: The closest HTC has gotten to a perfect 10.

First Impressions:

To change the color:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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  1. This phone literally could've been perfect. I really wish HTC would've kept the design language of the M9+ and sandwiched their fingerprint sensor in between the bottom front facing speaker and kept the IR blaster or alternative put the fingerprint sensor on the rear like the Nexus 6P. Instead they took away two features that could have put them over the top for reasons I don't understand and worse they are charging $700 for this phone. Thats not going to fly with customers and i really don't see this phone selling well for them unfortunately. Hopefully next year HTC can put it all together.

  2. BE AWARE!! the HTC One m8 is still better in audio and the screen is much brighter and much sharper. (m10)The Wi-Fi connection is great and sometimes it isn't. the volume button is a little loose and the battery sucks. the software of the phone makes you think that this is a Google phone instead of a HTC(where is the photo gallery In stead of the annoying google photo that will try to push you into the cloud with you're media.) the phone will be charged from 3% to 100 into 1h40m. the design is nice and the power button at the right side is also great. The performance of the single core in comparison with the m8 dubbels and the multi core is a slight better. The fingerprint security is great and works fantastic. I have a m8 and the m10 over here but I will send my m10 back to the provider Monday cause my m8 is still the big winner for me because of the sharper screen and better speaker audio.

  3. Marques,

    Hey I like the growth, and even the new studio. Here's a point… there is a mad echo in the audio near the end of the piece. its crazy annoying. you may have a bit of work to control that in your new "hard surfaces" workspace.

    Pretty sure you'll figure it out, till then, I will keep watching.

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