HTC 10 Review: Where’s The Boom?

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HTC has appeared to have redeemed itself with the HTC 10.
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34 Comments on HTC 10 Review: Where’s The Boom?

  1. Great review! Short and sweet! Although it would be cool if you picked 1 or 2 things you didn't actually serve as contrast. You would probably have to think hard about it but I'm sure there's something lol. Anyway, I still enjoyed your review! Subscribed :)

  2. Haha awesome! Loved the pictures at Hatley Castle! lol.. I was literally there like a week ago. Great review.. Pre ordered my HTC 10 from HTC still waiting for it to ship but super stoked to finally upgrade from my M7 though. I assume you are from Vic?

  3. Samsung galaxy s7 edge still has a better camera and better screen… Htc10 only the software is better is better and lighter … But still prefer s7 edge .. I dont listen to much music i take more photos

  4. its a industrial beast, the HTC 10+ fablet will be mine, hoping for dual front speakers, the twitter on the bottom looks sketchy as hell, if not definitely the Nexus 2016 on witch the 10 could be a indicator

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