HTC 10 Review: The Road Back

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Our video review of the HTC 10 – has HTC finally cracked the code for a compelling flagship smartphone once again? Can the 10 set the company straight? Will it do your laundry? We ask – and answer – some of these questions and more.

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26 Comments on HTC 10 Review: The Road Back

  1. I have the HTC10, and strangly started watching reviews afterwards blindly trusting, maybe not completely blindly but not just trusting that the HTC stepped up their game. And they did, not only my opinion but many other reviewers at least 20 reviews i been watching. Good ones and bad ones. And this review is one of the worst ones. Simply it felt that this guy had an personal agenda. After reading the comments here, one commenter nailed by calling him an "apple fan boy". I don't know if he is but it surely felt like it. Like someone who's unaware of his conviction.

  2. Spot on with this review! I've been on the fence with this phone for weeks now, but with all my testing I still have the same issues with the battery, and that screen that you do. I really want this phone, but at the same time there's another me inside me saying "don't get it, you can do better, just wait".

  3. lol…I must be the only person on the planet that feels the opposite about Dbrands. I honestly feel like they are lacking in options. Sure you can mix and match from there 10-15 options available, but there stock options have not changed really over the years and they refuse every custom order I have submitted. There's no question that they are the best at what they do, but I would disagree on the amount of options available to their customers.

  4. This is a terrible review. Sounds so biased. Sounds like he doesn't like HTC so he just decided that he couldn't like this phone for that reason. He contradicts himself at times and contradicts what most other reviewers have said about this phone. He comments about battery life are so confusing. His comments about the display colors looking pinkish are confusing because no other reviewer has mentioned anything along that lines. He acts like this phone is much worse/ or not close to the other top smartphones out there, even sounding like he thinks the LG G5 is a better phone than this phone even though most other reviewers have a number of gripes and complaints about the G5. If he knows of a perfect phone out there, I wish he would tell us, because I have never seen a phone that doesn't have its quirks or downsides, and yet he asks like this phone is not a top smartphone because it has its quirks.

  5. Great video. No phone is perfectly made, not yet. The few bad and the few good is just the right way to go. The choice is left with one to do. I understand it hurts some people but I think it's good to hear it because it is there though it may not be a problem for some people. I think this cannot drives HTC fans away if they want this phone. I love my G5 no matter what reviewers say because I have it and I love it.

  6. Ugh, man, you contradict just about everyone else with your negativities. Just what the hell are you comparing it to, 2025 smartphone? You sound more like a whiny little shit, and so annoying. ugh, you don't deserve this beast man. holly shit, go back to your iPhone. Wtf! Im listening the final points of your video as I type, and I hate and hate you more and more, WOW! STFUUU!!!!!

  7. Why do you wanna be just another bozo saying how HTC has missed the past 2 years, when it's been figured out – marketing sucked, and their pricing strategy. Both M8, which I still use, and M9 – phones of the year, in majority's opinion, but they didn't sell well due to many other issues, losing network contracts, marketing and budget. Basically, they have not gone anywhere since the epic phone of the year M7, they were here all along, and been pawning everyone else. M8 – actually did win phone of the year, for same reasons it still kicks ass, and M9 – it's like jewlery. Camera's were not so good, but that's about it, HTC got the most out of the SDragon 810, while others' implementations like Sony's, etc, all kept frying eggs. I cannot wait till i launch my legit channel! 😀 Thank you for the awesome imagery of this epic HTC!

  8. When listening this "review" it sounds like he doesn't know anything he's talking about. The camera is one of the best out there, but still it is not "not quite there". What do you expect?! A DSLR-quality? WTF? You said that you love the design and everything but still it is "wait".. This is not a review…

  9. one of the worst reviews ever, you don't even consider what the phone has to offer. You only say what you want, why don't you startup your own company and manufacture phones for yourself? That would only be the solution to your crying!

  10. This is not a good review. So many points and features of this phone were overlooked. I got this phone a few days ago and love it. If you love music this is the phone to have. This is cleanest and most customizable version of Android I've ever seen.

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