HTC 10 Review: The Perfect 10!? (Over 1 Month Later!)

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The HTC 10 is HTCs best smartphone yet. It delivers and brings us the best of HTC. Watch for the full review!

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47 Comments on HTC 10 Review: The Perfect 10!? (Over 1 Month Later!)

  1. I like using bluetooth speakers and I liked htc's boomsound speakers in case I didn't have a speaker with me. I am disappoined that the speakers are no longer stereo in the htc10. How do the speakers compare to the htc m8 and m9? Do the audio enhancements in the htc10 also help when using bluetooth speakers?

  2. Great review of the HTC 10! I've ordered mine from the HTC site unlocked and can't wait to get it. How many software updates have there been on it since it launched? Have they improved the camera even more?

  3. Awesome video Matt! I think this is the best smartphone HTC has delivered yet. Can't wait for what HTC has plans next. Just wondering, do you think the HTC theme store has the material design option like Samsung? Thank you.

  4. how do you get the skin like that with no gaps for the antenna lines when I go on dbrands site they only have it with cutouts for antenna line much cleaner without them. awesome video by the way.

  5. I'm writing this on my HTC 10 that arrived last week and I have some gripes with it. 1) some units have a screen issue where the screen makes a high pitched whining sound when it's below 30-40% brightness, and it drives me crazy at night. Rumor has it it's not hardware related so I'm hoping for a firmware patch soon. Also, 2) the camera is much improved but I've noticed third party camera apps like Snapchat still have the focus issue and sometimes my snaps were ruined because the camera failed to focus. 3) I highly advise you to get a case or skin, because the aluminum back is VERY prone to being bent around the chamfer even at smaller drops. The issues I've had are all software issues so they'll all be fixed as the phone matures, overall it's an awesome device. Ask away if you have questions

  6. Exactly 51 subscribers to go. And talking without script is hard for the first time, I know you will improve in the future. BTW the video was really detailed and u really have a good presentation skills. Keep it up.

  7. Great review as always, I'll be honest since returning to iPhone it doesn't have the same impact for me, I guess Android left a bigger impact on me more than I thought it would.

  8. Great review. I know I disliked your last HTC 10 video because too much info was left out, but this one is much better. oh yea, it can hold up to a 2 TB card….I'm just saying.

  9. don't get the love for this phone. I had it for abit and went back to my s7 edge. it's too small, speakers are overrated, the dac in the exynos s7 edge is just as good as the HTC 10, camera is nowhere near the s7.. sure the software is more fluid but still not as fast as the exynos.

  10. Love the way you play with the lights in the background… Adds that punch to the video… The best part about your reviews is you keep things well sorted out and unbiased… Honest review and touch upon points that are relevant…. Keep up the good work…

  11. im glad ive bet on htc, i have the one m7 from release and stills kicks ass despite the awfull pink camera issue. ive pass from he m8 and m9 because im not really the type of person that changes his phone every year and also i actually didnt believe they would actually worth it but the 10 really convinced me, samsungs are great phones but i cant stand the monopoly of samsung and this shows there is room for migthy rivals

  12. I have owned it for over a month by now . Its easy to say that its the best phone I have used so far . Very happy with its performances , features , battery time and camera!

  13. I have the HTC 10 in gold. It looks sophisticated and expensive. I love everything about it especially the sound when I listen with headphones. Yes I was lucky enough to get mine bundled with the Hi-Res earbuds. The only gripe I have is that the capacitive buttons are just not where my finger feels they should be. I have had to press twice numerous times just to make sure I hit the correct spot. But I solved that by going into Settings and keeping the buttons lit up while the screen is on. So that's all, just one small gripe. Otherwise this phone is perfect!!

  14. nice review Matt. about the fingerprint scanner/home button: say the phone screen turns off in an app like YouTube, and you press the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, is it easy to accidently register it as a home button tap that will exit from the app it was on?

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