HTC 10 Review: The Best No Gimmick Phone You Wanted

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The No Gimmick Phone Brings HTC Back

The HTC 10 is overall a quality smartphone and the best the company has put out in the last couple of years. I don’t have any major complaints or drawbacks to mention. I can only nitpick on a few things such as while camera quality is good it it still lags behind the competition but not a far back as before. There isn’t a IR blaster anymore, it’s a niche option for many and I never used it in past but that is something that will bother some folks out there. I’d also like to see them add a 4K video editor for the 4K video the phone takes but much of this is like I said before more nitpicking details that will matter to some, a deal breaker? To a few maybe but overall if…

18 Comments on HTC 10 Review: The Best No Gimmick Phone You Wanted

  1. Hi, good review, I'm thinking of jumping from my Sony Xperia Z3+ to the HTC10. Z3+ so far serve me well except for 1 MAJOR MAJOR flaw: It's camera app! Everybody knows the last year flagship CPU Snapdragon 810 suffer from serious overheating, and there's no different for any phone using the 810. Here's my problem: I take photos, and I mean LOTS of photos on a daily basis because my work involved doing photo reports for places, most of the time without air conditioning and the place where I live usually is around 30 degrees Celsius (approx 90~100 F), and my Z3+ cam app would shut down on me after I take about 30 photos with it, or if I'm lucky, 50~60. I have to find a hose or cool it down by swinging it like a fan.

    I want to know how fast the camera heat up the phone, I need to say, take 200 photos within a half hour time frame, at outdoor sunny temperature, is it possible to test it out for me?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Of course it's still called HTC Sense. There is just no version number anymore…
    And it's SLCD 5 not SLCD 3.
    Also the fingerprint scanner is easily as fast as the S7.

    Why these false information!!?

  3. Read your review online and decided to check out the video review. Very professional and well done. I subscribed and am looking forward to more content. Been a long time HTC fan and plan on unlocking the bootloader and possibly flashing some ROMs with it as well. Glad HTC has refined the camera and I have always been a huge fan of the audio quality that HTC brings.

  4. Great review! With the latest update, do a camera comparison. You said it slightly falls behind some of the major flagships but I'll think you'll be surprised to find out it may actually be better than LGs, iPhone, and Nexus camera.

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