HTC 10 Review – The Best Android Smartphone!

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In this HTC 10 review, I explain why I think the HTC 10 is the best Android smartphone released so far in 2016. I’ve been using the HTC 10 for about a month, and have come away very impressed by what the company was able to accomplish with both the camera, and the sound.

On the inside you’ve got a 24-bit DAC to handle the BoomSound speakers and any headphones you plug in, and the both cameras sport optical image stabilization, which is a first for any smartphone. #PowerOf10

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41 Comments on HTC 10 Review – The Best Android Smartphone!

  1. Good video. I think too many people have bought the hype about what the HTC doesn't have, without considering it's not anything that actually hurts the phone or make it inferior.

  2. Man great review and you make me love this phone even more.

    I'm on Note 5, and I'm worrying about that only one thing, the camera.
    OIS is not good as in Note 5, surprisingly even the S7 fails against the Note 5 in this department.
    And not to mention the lights/sun flares you get in HTC 10 camera pictures, lens protective glass seems to be liking skin oil very much…

    This is great video indeed.

  3. TouchWiz is a problem for you not me it's the best skin it has more features then any other skin HTC skin is boring and by the way HTC 10 is a great phone but only thing it has over the s7 is audio dac that's all

  4. Great review. Just subscribed. I was going to buy a Moto X Pure next week but now you have me thinking this might be a better option. I will say I do love the Moto app suite though.

  5. lol who uses wired headphones anymore, the sony mdr xb950bt are absolutely mind blowing bluetooth headphones, ive owned mine for 6 months and i use it 2 hours a day and have only charged it 4 times. yes. 4 times. and it has bass boost and the bass literally cant sound any better its just god like

  6. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I HAVE THIS DEVICE IN MY HANDS!!!!! I had the m7, the m8 and I own the m9 right now… But this phone…. The HTC 10…. It's a phone that i will keep for the entire 2 year contract JUST so that when I upgrade, I will be able to keep this phone since I paid it off completely!!! I literally JUST checked to see if I can upgrade, and I can, so, I will be getting this SOON… Like maybe tomorrow soon!

  7. Great review, thanks. This is my 4th HTC device in a row (Incredible, Rezound, M8). I love their build quality, Sense works well, they are just good solid phones. I agree with I will be much more likely to listen to music than drop my phone in the water.

  8. Have you had any problems with the phone lagging over time? Mine's been fine but I've only had it a few days, but another YouTube reviewer experienced lag on his 10 after a month or so. Anyway, enjoyed this so I subscribed.

  9. OMG! Finally a tech reviewer that appreciates realistic color on the screen.

    When it comes to sound and true color HTC is head and shoulders above the competition.

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