HTC 10 Review – One Month Later

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HTC 10 Review – HTC’s new 10 smartphone is its 20-16 flagship, but is it enough to compete vs Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, LG G5, or the upcoming iPhone 7? Watch my HTC 10 review to find out if it’s the best smartphone. ▶Stashimi early access: ▶dbrand skins:

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41 Comments on HTC 10 Review – One Month Later

  1. thanks for the honest review I have been with HTC since 2006 I currently have the M8 and I am tired of them continually falling short on specs I will spend my money on a better phone waiting for the Samsung Note 6 to come out.. tired of all the other reviews talking about HTC being so great but if you truly look at the specs even the Samsung 7 is better and he came out before the HTC in every category waterproof dustproof better speakers better camera so how can you say this phone is worth $700 bye bye HTC tired of you people not understanding what the consumer wants

  2. What an awful, totally biased review. Htc 10 is miles better than the s7, with hardly any bloat, close to stock and more reliable updates. Samsungs are just full of gimmicks!

  3. HTC 10 is SOLID. Camera is Solid. Sound is SOLID. User experience is GREAT. And for Android Purists, you will not be disappointed. I CHOOSE HTC 10 over Galaxy phones because of android purity.

  4. Htc 10 is 100000% on par with galaxy s7. It all depends what u value in a smartphone. This built in DAC alone is unstoppable. My Samsungs always lag after a month of use, this phone is blazing

  5. Talking about the expandable storage you forgot to mention, that HTC offers the option to use the SD Card as internal storage extension, unlike Samsung or LG.

  6. HTC's take on 2016 smartphones may be good but they have done nothing to differentiate it from other android brethren which makes the offering sort of dull in my opinion because the HTC didn't innovate at all in this one to make things worse for HTC the 700 dollar price tag doesn't justify this flagship at all

  7. one thing though, quality is always top notch but something about the audio that bothers me, i always on headphones, and honestly i have to set the volume to almost none to be able to listen to it comfortably and im using audiotechnicas for these which i havent experience with other videos.

  8. I'm always skeptical when reviews seem to promote a particular app (Stashimi, which is only available on iOS??). You talk about the speakers but neglect to discuss probably the most unique feature – the high resolution audio DAC.

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