HTC 10 Review of a Pretty Awesome Android Phone

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This HTC 10 Review covers one of the most pleasantly surprising and perhaps best android smartphones of 2016. The HTC 10 returns to an excellent form factor, a great smartphone camera, and a very nice clean version of Android. Check out Phil’s HTC 10 Review. Then read our full written review at!

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20 Comments on HTC 10 Review of a Pretty Awesome Android Phone

  1. Booooom getting one Friday! So excited…. But I'm going to miss using my G5 everyday… First world problems… I sound like a consumerist snob. I have owned every M series device so there's no way I'm not going to get the most perfect one…. No pun intended lol ?

  2. stock android needs to get some of these features. Stock needs to get with the program. HTC and Samsung have their negatives but man… stock needs to be the bench man of innovation.. it seems they let these companies do the thinking and they copy later. Hate that shit.

  3. So when will HTC get on board and start making their phone Water resistant. I like the HTC brand and I tend to be loyal. I just don't want to go through the inconvenience of getting a new phone because chocolate or liguid got into the speaker area. its a tough choice because HTC has better speakers and its user friendly. im not a clumsy person. im an active person. is the Samsung quick to shatter if I have and OOPs moment and it hits the floor while dealing with one of those little brats in my classroom? ive seen nothing but broken screens from the Samsung Galaxy or Iphones every time I step into a middle or high school class. That's the main reason why I never bought those phones. Too fragile. Not rugged enough. HTC has guerrilla glass. never had a problem with the screen whenever there was an accidental drop. Has Samsung switched to guerrilla glass?

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