HTC 10 Review: I Returned It!

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HTC 10 Review: I Returned It. Watch to find out why I returned the HTC 10.

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49 Comments on HTC 10 Review: I Returned It!

  1. well I appreciate ur response and I got one and tried it. unfortunately I think I'm returning it. although my concern was the actual ear piece quality because I am hard of hearing, but my biggest complaint is that the texting keyboard is not very responsive and there is no setting to allow the keyboard to recognize ur touch pattern to help with an overall better experience. also even with the camera update the low light camera still doesn't match Samsung Galaxy S7. but I do think it is a very good phone and mostly I'm splitting hairs on these features. I do think HTC is on the right track to getting back into the phone race.

  2. Got one for my daughter, prefer Samsung myself, she's not exactly unhappy with it, but not in love with it. Also the back dents extremely easily. She dropped in from a, standing position on the table while watching a video, literally a couple of inches drop. I saw it hit the corner of a wooden coaster and I was shocked to see a very noticeable dent. If you have this phone be careful of the back panel, it is flimsy.

  3. had the m7 m8 then the note 4. and now the HTC 10 and it's amazing. better than the s7. the s7 is like a souped up Honda civic and the 10 is like a Ferrari. it's build is literally perfect the screen is amazing. the finger print sensor is amazing. the speakers great. previous versions had louder speakers. battery is amazing. camera is amazing. seriously go to the store and hold it. you'll want it just off that alone. BTW I've experienced no lag. and my camera is fast and instant. maybe bc of the update? IDK. also the Zoe's no other phone does it. so go buy it. I'm in love with it.

  4. Valid points, but I actually just did the opposite and exchanged my S7 edge for an HTC 10 and am so elated with that decision. Samsung wins when it comes to being waterproof, wireless charging, main camera (to an extent, but I feel HTC can step up with a software update), and the display. But HTC wins in the audio department (both in speaker & headphone jack quality), adoptable storage (HOW did Samsung think it was okay to ignore this fantastic Marshmallow feature), UH-OH protection, has OIS on the front camera to help with vlogging and lowlight selfies, and feels better in the hand. Honestly, they're both absolutely fantastic and you can't go wrong with either.

  5. one major problem I have with Nexus 6p is SD810 chip. I would never buy any phone with that chip. and with galaxy phones, camera and water proof are winning features, but other than that, everything else is mostly equal or worse than HTC 10, just my opinion.

  6. I really disagree with you…
    still Chinese is Chinese and won't last for long and to tell you sth..
    HTC is the first company to do its first mobile with android at the very beginning…
    but still I respect your own point of view..

  7. I've just ordered a 10 and I was concerned after seeing the title, however nothing you complained about in this video would bother me in the slightest.

    I really liked my M8 so hopefully I like this one too!

  8. I have the phone and I do have some concerns about the phone cause there's a lot of features they should added to the phone and my unit lags when I'm in the messaging app don't know why but it lags way to much

  9. I got mine yesterday and moderate-heavy usage was nothing this phone couldn't handle. But we have our opinions, I happen to like everything about it! I feel the same way I did when I got the M8 a couple of years ago. The M8 was my favorite phone to date and the 10 is a good replacement for any other phone I've had since then. I also had a Moto X Pure before this device and somehow sense has always appealed to me more than stock android. Does what I need 😀 Thanks for the video, though. This is useful for people making the choice.

  10. The colour Options seem to differ from country to country. In Germany you have a rosegold version and the silver version has a white front instead of the black one in your video. I also read somewhere that Japan has an exclusive redcolor for threre HTC 10.

    greetings from Germany

  11. I got the 10 in fact I'm using it to type this post, it is a nice phone but I understand if it just isn't for you all those other things you mentioned about the camera and not running certain apps you like won't effect me because that's not what I use a phone for but I totally agree with you when you said they shouldn't have removed the front facing speakers why they did that is beyond me I wished they would have went back to the M7 or M8 speakers that would have been awesome. it's still OK but it's no M7/M8 in the speaker department that's for dam sure and the sound range really felt like a downgrade to me because I've been using the M7 for the last 3yrs but everything else so far has been an upgrade. and I haven't activated my 10 yet because I'm still looking for a case so I haven't made a phone call with it yet but that definitely sucks if you can't hear phone calls too good, that was something I was wondering about.

  12. Hahaha yah i agree.. Finally some negative remarks about a phone on utube , all we hear from most reviews is how awesome a phone is with little remarks on the negative side.. So thumbs up and keep up the good work ????

  13. I found the mkv complaint hilarious… shouldn't you be complaining to the software vendor about not supporting mkv? MKV is nothing new, it's been around for quite a while. Compared to mp4 container format, mkv is open source and supports a bigger variety of codecs. If anything I would be commending them for getting with times and adopting a better container format. Even Windows 10 has added native support for MKV

  14. Liking the in-depth details that you went into here. Seems to be a VERY wide divergence of opinions on this phone. Glad you're here to give one side and others that love it give their side.

  15. So, you have to decide… If you love music and want awesome sound, then the HTC 10 is for you. However, if you love submerging your phone in the toilet, then the Galaxy S7 is for you.

  16. a lot of your issues are simply app based, and while that's unfortunate, it's not the phone's or htc's fault. Android is about the diversity of phones and usually that's the problem you'd get – app compatibility issues. I guess it really comes down to personal preference or usage in many of your points, but it does seem like most people like this phone, maybe a few more updates will make the camera even better.

  17. A lot of the dislikes you mentioned was more of a preference sort of aspect to it. I personally love the HTC 10. It has the whole package… great camera, superb sound inside and out (in my opinion, after owning the M9, I like the HTC 10 speakers more, because the quality seems a lot better), and great battery. All you ever need from a smartphone

  18. sup man, Great Reviews , I read all the comments. first things first I'm only a fan of Android. the reason we love Android so much and not iOS it's because we're given the freedom 2 Tailored phone to our specific needs. you want a phone to be as close to stock Android as possible so that you can customize it using the millions of apps that let you do so. if you have a phone like the Galaxy which takes a lot of its cues from Apple you will not get a personalized experience just one that suits the general populace. this is why we love the htc10 phones like the Nexus 6p which give you great Hardware that is. I would encourage you not to discredit the phone but just to say it's not for you.

  19. I initially said this HTC 10 is 2 years too late and about $200 overpriced. I'm not really a Nexus fan or a stock Android fan but I know value when I see it and a 6p for the office offers more for the value than this HTC 10. Thanks for keeping this review/Assessment honest. However, the HTCnites are out in full force ready to crucify you for showing your opinion of it. The phone just isn't all that, compared to what's on the market. It is what it is.

  20. the HTC 10 is water-resistant just not to the extent as a Galaxy S7. HTC has fixed the camera lag in a software update it's not its fault that Verizon has not updated their phones. in a sound test that pocketnow recently has done people gave the HTC 10 better speakers then the M9 or the S7. could the pounds you are having with apps on your phone a product of a defective device? nobody cares what device you are going to switch to. the Nexus P which is just about to be replaced or they touch his gimmick Galaxy S7 Edge. please in the future just give us the facts about what's good and what's bad about the phones and that supposed to open about what phone you are using.

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