HTC 10 Review: HTC, You Did It!

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**Camera tested on 1.53** Update: It actually seems that the 10 is using a discrete DAC. See here. HTC created an awesome phone! I was skeptical at first but it has proven itself to be one of the best phones released this year! HTC is BACK! I created this review quickly, so any other questions you have I will have to answer in other videos.

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  1. Great phone no bloatware boom sound is as good as ever one front facing speaker at the top and one on the bottom of the phone screen good and camera is surprisingly good the phone is amazingly well built far better than anything from Apple or Samsung the headphone experience is incredible and you can expand the storage .

  2. BE AWARE!! the HTC One m8 is still better in audio and the screen is much brighter and much sharper. (m10)The Wi-Fi connection is great and sometimes it isn't. the volume button is a little loose and the battery sucks. the software of the phone makes you think that this is a Google phone instead of a HTC(where is the photo gallery In stead of the annoying google photo that will try to push you into the cloud with you're media.) the phone will be charged from 3% to 100 into 1h40m. the design is nice and the power button at the right side is also great. The performance of the single core in comparison with the m8 dubbels and the multi core is a slight better. The fingerprint security is great and works fantastic. I have a m8 and the m10 over here but I will send my m10 back to the provider Monday cause my m8 is still the big winner for me because of the sharper screen and better speaker audio.

  3. I just purchased the HTC 10 from Verizion a few days ago I had and still have the LG V 10, anyway I have the game Gun FU stickman 2 on both phones and and the LG blows the HTC away with the touch response time. the htc got all these great review's about what a great gaming phone it is and i never seen any phone as slow as this. I'm sad to say i,m a little disappointed after waiting all this time for this phone. Has anyone else ran into the same problem?

  4. the navigation buttons are too low…they are messing with the symmetry of this phone…why dont they placed that fingerprint sensor on the back and leave the plain black front…that would make its front design much appealing…but thats my opinion.

  5. From M8 to M9….never again….
    what can possibly change on 10? htc phones has issues with facebook.laggy typing in many cases.they lag after couple of months and if you run it almost in full capacity,never again
    Althought they are superior when it comes on building materials and stuff

  6. But the HTC 10 vs S7 review by Tech Trinkets on youtube seems to have different results, Erica, the HTC 10 actually focused much faster and clearer than S7 did during video recording when focusing on the close up objects. Please check out his review, you'll see what I mean. Cheers

  7. 10:39 Hmmm…Google calendar and photos. This worries me in terms of privacy. I mean, if i schedule an appointment for weiner massages and I regular take weiner photos, will google post these details on my public G+ profile (and then blame me for not understanding the dangers of having a Google accounts)? I already had this problem with reviews (both for places and for Apps).

  8. htc 10 having focusing issue when you zoom in on ab object which is at some distance even while filming or taking pictures if you get the same problem please let us kniw erica

  9. I"m with you about on-screen keys, I absolutely hate them! Whenever I try to type on phones with on-screen keys, I find myself accidentally hitting the home button instead of the space key on a fairly regular basis. I much prefer the capacitive of physical keys to free up the screen for content only.

  10. Thank you Erica for another great review, really having a hard time deciding between this phone, and the Galaxy s7.
    I really dislike software navigation bar, and try to avoid it on any new phone I buy so that's why these are my two main contenders, but others are welcomed.

    I sold my iPhone 6s Plus and really liked going back to iOS, but it just didn't cute my needs, such as adding music on the fly.

  11. There is nothing about this phone that interests me. Front facing boom sound is gone, camera is good but not class leading and the actual front of the phone is so damn plain. I'd rather rock an LG G5

  12. Nice Review!
    Regarding lens flare, are you sure the 10's lens was not smudged while taking those shots? Smudges may have created the flares?

  13. Picked mine up on Saturday. Upgrade from the m8. The display is gorgeous, phone is extremely fast, battery I lasts a long time, and it fully charges in one hour. Speakers aren't a deal breaker as I use headphones anyway.

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