HTC 10 Review – How good is it really?

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This is a detailed test of the HTC 10 with all its strengths and weaknesses.

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HTC 10 silver:

00:42 Overview

03:07 Design & Build
05:33 Display
06:56 Sound
08:36 Performance
10:32 Battery
11:40 Software
13:04 Camera

15:02 Conclusion

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23 Comments on HTC 10 Review – How good is it really?

  1. Hi Damir thanks for the review, do you plan on reviewing new chinese market entrants such as the interesting Oukitel k10000?(10,000 mA battery)

  2. yeah, im returning mine. the main thing i think thats wrong is that flagships nowadays need features and distinguishing between them becomes more difficult year on year, the HTC 10 is a great phone but because its average or great in all areas its almost boring….where as an s7 edge has a bigger screen (whilst being the same size), better batterylife, thinner, waterproof, excellent camera and gorgeous screen, the touchwiz, fingerprint magnets, poor speaker is pretty much nothing..

  3. hey Damir…. Deciding between HTC 10, p9, Sony z5 due to mhl compatibility…. Want to use it for at least the next 2 years… battery & performance are what I'm after….

  4. Thnx for honesty. Though in your review I first heard for bugs and crashes. Did not expect that…. Htc 10 is the perfect one for me, and nothing in any review can change that. It's quite simple, I listen to a lot of music on headphones and no other phone now can offer that quality. Second, I know Htc phones and their durability and no loss of performance over time is something I appreciate most. third, its best Htc phone ever, so….if all others satisfied me completely before….this one should blow me. Imam samo jednu molbu za tebe Damire, potrudi se da uradis ovako iskrenu recenziju za ZTE Axon 7. Za audiofile bi to trebao biti najbolji telefon ikad. A generalno nema mnogo mana i te kako bi trebao parirati svima iako je cena mnogo manja. Hvala unapred.

  5. when you're talking about the display, are you reviewing based on the vivid mode option? And about the camera, does your htc 10 overexposed the light flares when shooting at night with light coming from light bulbs on the background? Man, you clearly pointed out why this is my top phone right now. I can't simply stand the burn in on amoleds. Though, I agree that amoleds are the best. And I prefer the capacitive fingerprint/home buttone than a regular push-type button. And the dac/amp on the htc 10 would be great because I'm an audio enthusiast. My only gripe about it is that htc is nowhere to be found in the Philippines. So after sales service or warranty is impossible. Anyway, will you do a lg g5 review? I know you're not impressed by it as you said on your other video but I think many would be happy if you do it because you make your reviews subjective (in a good way) without getting hateful biased m*therf*cker. Does that make any sense? Haha. And to be honest, after all the negatives about it, it is my top 2 phone. I'm completely sold just by that dual camera setup and removable battery. The display sucks though. My 3rd favorite would probably be the S7 edge or the sony x performance.

    Thanks for the great review! Hope you get your hands on the g5

  6. Finally a proper real review, thanks Damir. Basically the HTC 10 is not the best in anything but price, I mean more expensive than most. The 10 is what the M9 should have been, but unfortunately HTC is about an year behind everyone else. The only 2016 flagship without any innovation, they didn't even try this time.

  7. Yeah that skin isnt very stock like…

    and that vibration while unlocking with fingerprint. You are literally the only person that has ever mentioned that in anything. You have a gift for finding really small things in every device xD

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